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About Godin

Godin started humbly in rural Canada in 1972 and over the years have gone from a small one man shop to one of the biggest manufacturers in North America for good reason. At every step Robert Godin has maintained the passion he started the company with as it branches off, now not only offering a wide selection of well crafted instruments but providing infrastructure and manufacturing experience to a range of brands under its umbrella.

Godin themselves have a fantastic range of classically styled yet alternative guitars, packed with features that would entice any player young or old. If you are looking for an older style jazz guitar, the Godin 5th Avenue has you covered, or maybe something more modern with endless tonal options like the MIDI equipped xtSA. Godin provides all that and more with a range that has something for everyone.

Why Should I Choose Godin?

  • Innovative designs and features like midi equipped guitars
  • Made in Canada
  • Sustainable materials such as Richlite Fingerboards

Frequently Asked Questions about Godin

Question: What type of player does a Godin guitar suit?
Godin have many styles from large semi hollow electrics to sleek solid body designs and nylon hybrid acoustic guitars. Godin has something for everyone and truly suits a player who values quality.
Question: What are Godin known for?
One of the most recognisable shapes by Godin would be the Multiac series of guitars. This Hybrid between an electric and a nylon string guitar has become famous for its tone, playability, and ease of use on stage. Other notable models would include the 5th avenue, a classically styled archtop acoustic guitar, and the Summit, a solid body single cut that's ready to rock.
Question: Where are Godin guitars made?
Godin guitars are made in Canada, with the necks and bodies being made in La Patrie, Quebec before being assembled in their Quebec and New Hampshire factories. This keeps the manufacturing process close to home and allows Godin to continue their passion for delivering quality instruments.