Godin 5th Avenue

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About Godin 5th Avenue

Godin 5th Avenue guitars are hollow body archtops influenced by the golden era of the 50s. Models such as the Kingpin and Kingpin II make an excellent choice for performing guitarists or a working musician. They are reliable, built to a very high standard, and feature excellent hardware.

The Godin 5th Avenue models feature f-holes and produce a strong and natural sound. Some Godin 5th Avenue guitars have humbucker pickups while others have P-90s, allowing for plenty of selection. They are an excellent choice for anyone seeking a classic style hollow body that can keep up with the needs of a modern guitarist.

Why Should I Choose a Godin 5th Avenue Guitar?

  • Made to a high standard in Canada
  • Excellent for Jazz, Blues, and even Rock styles
  • A traditional style with gorgeous looks

Frequently Asked Questions about Godin 5th Avenue

Question: Are Godin 5th Avenue guitars any good?
Yes, Godin 5th Avenue guitars are very good, especially for Jazz and Blues styles, thanks to their traditional design.
Question: Are all of the 5th Avenue models electric guitars?
No, Godin make a fully acoustic version of the popular 5th Avenue Kingpin guitar too. All other models are semi acoustic with pickups.
Question: What types of wood are used in the Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin guitars?
Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin guitars are made from Canadian Wild Cherry, which is locally sourced.
Question: Which is the most popular 5th Avenue guitar?
Our most popular Godin 5th Avenue guitar is the Kingpin model with the single P90 pickup in Cognac Burst.
Question: Where are Godin 5th Avenue guitars made?
Godin 5th Avenue guitars are made in Quebec, Canada, to a very high quality.