Godin Multiac

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About Godin Multiac

The Godin Multiac range of guitars is made up of innovative, contemporary instruments for performing musicians. With semi-solid, soundhole-less bodies and that distinctive upper horn control panel, the Multiac range of instruments has a visual identity that is becoming something of a modern classic. The sounds are first class and their very hybrid nature allows for some wholly convincing acoustic sounds in high volume situations with virtually no feedback.

The Godin Multiac range incorporates steel string guitars with 6,10 and 12 strings, nylon string guitars with 6 & 7 strings, fretless 11 strings, mandolins, acousticasters, ukuleles and more! To say that the range is exhaustive would be something of an understatement.

Performers all over the globe rely on Godin Multiac instruments to bring them a rich variety of professional tones and great playablility.

Our Godin Multiac guitars come included with a gig bag.


Why Should I Choose Godin Multiac?

  • Authentic classical guitar style playing-feel
  • Bridges the feel of an acoustic and electric
  • Stunning build quality
  • Powerfully versatile output options
  • High quality Acoustic pickup and Preamp
  • Hexaphonic pickup and 13-Pin connector for guitar synth connectivity

Frequently Asked Questions about Godin Multiac

Question: Can I get multiac guitars with electric guitar pickups?
Godin make guitars with similar features that will allow you to make acoustic, electric and synth sounds. These are not Multiac models though. Have a look at the Godin LGXT and, for a more 'multiac-looking' guitar but with less options than that of the LXGT, try the Godin A6.
Question: Do Godin Multiac guitars need battery power to work?
Yes, due to the technology present within the Godin Multiac guitars, they require extra power from a 9v PP3-style battery. A compartment on the back of the guitar's body gives you easy access to the battery.
Question: What is a Multiac guitar?
'Multiac' is a term coined by Godin in reference to their synth-ready, chambered body acoustic/electric guitars. They sound like acoustics (or synths, depending on how you use them) but are in fact hybrid guitars. They have 'multi' outputs: a 1/4" jack for sending to an acoustic amp and a 13-pin MIDI output for sending to a guitar synth or other module. This means that you can run synth sounds and acoustic sounds together, or acoustic and sampled electric guitars from the guitar synth.