Arturia Synthesizers

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About Arturia Synthesizers

Arturia Synthesizers perfectly bridge the gap between old and new. They give a large nod to the classic analog synths of the 1970s whilst retaining modern features such as USB connectivity, built-in sequencers and arpeggiators, and the ability to produce modern sounds. These features make them an excellent choice for electronic genres and hip hop.


Why Should I Choose an Arturia Synthesizer?

  • A great gateway into synthesis
  • Most modules are CV/Gate compatible
  • Compact and portable

Frequently Asked Questions about Arturia Synthesizers

Question: When and where was Arturia formed?
Engineers Frédéric Brun and Gilles Pommereuil founded Arturia in Grenoble, France in 1999.
Question: Which Arturia synth is best for beginners?
Both the MicroBrute and MiniBrute are excellent for beginners. The MicroBrute is the more affordable of the two, but its mini-keys may put some people off, in which case the MiniBrute would be the better option. They are both massively fun to use and incredibly easy to figure out.