Charvel Guthrie Govan

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About Charvel Guthrie Govan

The Charvel Guthrie Govan is a high spec signature model for one of the UK's greatest living guitarists. Guthrie Govan is a high profile player who has worked with Hans Zimmer and Steven Wilson among others. His signature guitar is a refined Superstrat with a range of player-friendly features and a beautifully understated look. It is part of the USA Signature Series of Charvel guitars and is extremely popular.

Guthrie's guitar has specially wound pickups, a recessed tremolo bridge and luminlay inlays to allow visibility on dark stages. The neck is made from caramelized Maple and has stainless steel frets. This is a special guitar indeed and worth particular attention. Order online or get in touch with your closest guitarguitar store to find out more.

Our Charvel Guthrie Govan guitars come included with a guitar hard case.


Why Should I Choose Charvel Guthrie Govan?

  • The authentic Guthrie Govan signature model
  • Offers a wide range of pickup voicings
  • Designed for fluid playing

Frequently Asked Questions about Charvel Guthrie Govan

Question: What is a Tremol-No?
A Tremol-no is a patented device that fits in the back tremolo cavity of a guitar and can effectively disable the tremolo, keeping your tuning rock solid. When the Tremol-no is engaged, you can play in altered tunings etc without disturbing the tuning balance of the guitar. Tuning stays stable on all types of playing. It's easy to disable it and have your tremolo functioning again: the great thing is basically having the choice!
Question: If this is a locking tremolo, how come there is no locking nut?
This is a different design tremolo system so the locking is done via a set of locking tuners rather than with a traditional locking nut. It is based somewhat on the original Floyd Rose designs but is different.
Question: What are the benefits of stainless steel frets?
It's simple: stainless steel pretty much never wears out! They will not develop wear-grooves and dents like nickel frets so they should last a lifetime.
Question: What does it mean when the wood is 'caramelised'?
Charvel call it 'caramelised' where other companies will refer to it as 'torrefied' but it amounts to the same thing: the timber are subjected to high temperatures in oxygen-free environments in order to sap out all of the moisture and also - believe it or not - alter the molecular makeup of the wood's DNA itself! Very impressive but in practical terms it makes the wood extremely light, resonant and full of tone! The difference is sonics, physical and sensual. Guthrie's guitars feature torrefied bodies and necks.