Charvel San Dimas

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About Charvel San Dimas

The Charvel San Dimas is a model of guitar from Charvel that comes in two styles. Style 1 and Style 2 stand for S type and T type respectively and both models have a variety of features you expect from Charvel such as aftermarket pickups, eye-catching finishes, and floyd rose tremolos on some variants. The model has remained largely unchanged since it's creation in the 1980's.

The Charvel San Dimas can be identified by its lack of pickguard, as opposed to the So-Cal model from Charvel which does feature a pickguard. There are now a wide variety of models in the ever popular Pro-Mod Series that features eye-catching finishes, pickups from Seymour Duncan and Dimarzio, and as expected Floyd Rose Tremolos though there are still plenty of options for those who prefer a fixed bridge.

We keep a great stock of Pro-Mod San Dimas guitars and even some Custom Shop San Dimas guitars which are built in the Fender Custom Shop. Feel free to browse our selection online or pop down to one of our stores to try one out for yourself.

Why Should I Choose a Charvel San Dimas?

  • Classic 80's styling
  • Familiar feel with Hot-Rodded specs
  • Fender quality
  • Brand Name Hardware and Electronics

Frequently Asked Questions about Charvel San Dimas

Question: What is the Charvel San Dimas?
The Charvel San Dimas series of guitars named after an area in California where Charvel first started Business. The San Dimas can be split into 2 styles, an S style, and a T style and is generally considered to be a hot-rodded version of these classic shapes.
Question: What pickups are on the Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 1?
Charvel use Seymour Duncan pickups in the Pro-Mod San Dimas. The bridge unit is a JB and the neck is a '59. These are an excellent choice for high octane riffing and soloing.
Question: Do the USA Select San Dimas guitars have a different body shape to the Pro-Mod guitars?
Yes, they are ever so slightly smaller and slimmer than the Pro-Mod guitars. This is a throwback to the guitars of the mid 80s which were in fact a little smaller than the usual S and T-type guitars.
Question: Where are Charvel San Dimas guitars made?
Mexico, unless otherwise stated most Charvel San Dimas guitars are made alongside Fender guitars in Mexico. Custom Shop San Dimas guitars are made in the Fender Custom Shop in California USA.
Question: What wood are the Pro-Mod San Dimas bodies made of?
The Pro-Mod San Dimas bodies are made from Alder, a strong and stable wood that is very often used in guitar building. Models with 'QM' in the title code use a real slice of Quilted Maple for the top. The only exception is the Natural finish guitars which are made with Ash.