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About Chapman

Chapman was created by guitarist and YouTube personality Rob Chapman with the goal of being designed by guitarists for guitarists. With a large following online, Rob Chapman was able to design guitars collaboratively with a huge input from his guitar community, with various voting systems for different design aspects. The end product was a guitar designed and built for the community. This same ethos has continued over the years with new models continuing to receive input from the guitar community worldwide and Chapman Guitars has grown it's lineup built upon what customers actually want.

Why Should I Choose Chapman?

  • Designed by players for players
  • Quality specs designed for playability
  • Eye-catching and inspiring finish options
  • Built for the modern guitar player

Frequently Asked Questions about Chapman

Question: Does Chapman only make guitars?
Chapman build both electric guitars and bass guitars with a variety of different models, all finished to a very high quality.
Question: Where are Chapman guitars made?
The Chapman Standard Series guitars are built in Indonesia, while the Chapman Pro Series guitars are made in South Korea at the World Musical Instrument factory alongside such brands as Strandberg, PRS SE, and Sterling by Music Man.