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About Chapman Guitars

Chapman guitars are the brainchild of guitarist and YouTube personality Rob Chapman. His line of electric guitars have been designed with large amounts of input from the guitar community. Rob's huge fan base were given a platform to request features they'd like to see on a line of affordable electric guitars. Many of these suggestions made it through to the final designs.

Chapman guitars feature a modern take on many classic guitar shapes, mostly made with the rock and metal musician in mind. They quickly gained a strong following, with guitarists like Rob Scallon and Rabea Massaad now having their own signature models. Usually featuring own-brand or Seymour Duncan pickups, including an HSS pickup configuration, rolled fingerboard edges and Graph Tech nuts, Chapman guitars are equipped for top performance.

The Pro Series are of a very high quality and are a top choice for the professional player. The Standard Series is a more affordable option with a simpler approach, but also play very well. It is not hard to see why Chapman guitars are so popular.

What Makes a Chapman Guitar Different?

  • Created by Rob Chapman to meet the needs of the modern guitarist
  • A selection of eye-catching original finishes
  • Designed in part by suggestions from many guitarists worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions about Chapman Guitars

Question: Who owns Chapman guitars?
Chapman guitars is owned by the founder, Rob Chapman. He has thousands of fans who subscribe to his YouTube channel and watch his videos. He is also a guitar teacher and plays in his band, Dorje.
Question: Why should I choose a Chapman guitar?
Since Chapman guitars were created by a performing guitarist, they have all the features needed for great playing and sounding guitars. By taking into account player feedback, Chapman guitars have also offered models based around these suggestions to ensure players can have a guitar that fully meets their needs.
Question: Where are Chapman guitars made?
Chapman Pro Series guitars are made in the World Musical Instrument factory in South Korea. This is one of the most respected guitar manufacturing facilities on the planet and Chapman Pro Series guitars are a testament to the levels of quality available. The Chapman Standard Series guitars are made in Indonesia, also to very high levels of quality.
Question: What are the main differences between the Standard Series and the Pro Series?
The Pro Series contain a number of high end features such as stainless steel frets and a smoother finish. They also benefit from upgraded pickups and hardware. The Standard Series still has a lot of common features such as rolled fingerboard edges and Graph Tech nuts.
Question: What materials do Chapman guitars use?
Chapman guitars usually feature a maple neck, basswood or mahogany body and maple fretboards, sometimes with satin finishes.