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About Chapman Guitars

Chapman guitars are the brainchild of Youtube personality Rob Chapman. This tasteful line of electric guitars has been made with large amounts of input from the public: Rob's huge fan base were given a platform to request features they'd like to see on a line of affordable electric guitars and many of these suggestions have made it through to the final designs.

Chapman guitars feature modern takes on many classic guitar shapes, all leaning on a heavy rock sensibility. There are singlecuts, S and T-types, 'shape' models and more, all available in several levels of increasing quality from the Standard Series to the Pro Series to the Signature Series. Quality is high on all fronts, too: even the most affordable Standard Series guitars bring features such as rolled edge fingerboards (which are either Maple or, impressively, Ebony), Ash or Mahogany bodies (certain models with genuine flamed Maple veneers), GraphTech nuts and custom made pickups! It is not hard to see why Chapman guitars are so popular.

Chapman guitars are quickly gaining a lot of significance with rock and metal players across the country. To find out why for yourself, contact your local guitarguitar store and talk to our friendly team of experts or simply keep an eye on our website to browse each fresh delivery of Chapman guitars!

Frequently Asked Questions about Chapman Guitars

Rob Chapman is best known as a Youtube product demonstrator. He has millions of fans who subscribe to his channel to watch his videos and opinions. He is also a guitar teacher and plays in his band, Dorje.
Chapman Pro Series guitars are made in the World Musical Instrument factory in South Korea. This is one of the most respected guitar manufacturing facilities on the planet and Chapman guitars are a testament to the levels of quality available. The Chapman Standard Series guitars are made in Indonesia to similar quality levels.
There are a few specific differences between the Chapman Standard Series and the Pro Series. Firstly, the Standard Series is made in Indonesia whilst the Pro Series is made in South Korea in the prestigious World Musical Instruments factory. Secondly, the Standard range have pickups based on the Pro models but sourced at a lesser cost, meaning they are not quite as high spec. The Pro Series also gets a fret upgrade to stainless steel from nickel. Pro Series guitars are satin finished and feature glow in the dark fingerboard inlays. Standard Series guitars are gloss finished. Finally, Standard Series Chapmans come equipped with a quality gig bag whilst Pro Series Chapmans come in a hardshell case.
Chapman have their own-design bridge on the ML1 Traditional guitars. These are based on the 'vintage' tremolo but are significantly upgraded: they are based on a 2 point pivot, rather than a 6, so they are smoother in operation. They also have brass saddles and a brass block for increased sustain, resonance and top end.
That is the universal logo for the concept of infinity. This symbol, also known as the lemniscate, is hundreds of years old and is not a trademark of Chapman guitars.