Fender Parallel Universe

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About Fender Parallel Universe

Fender Parallel Universe guitars are built on just that premise - Imagine Fender guitars from a Parallel Universe! The result is a range of guitars with a host of tweaks and spec choices that are both instantly familiar, yet wildly different from anything you'd expect to find coming out of a Fender factory.

The series includes everything from a Jazzmaster with a trio of chromed-out mini humbuckers, to a bound mahogany Telecaster with twin humbuckers and 4 controls (eerily reminiscent of other famous singlecut electrics....). These ain't your usual Fender axes!

Why Should I Choose a Fender Parallel Universe Guitar?

  • Top quality guitars like any Fender
  • Limited edition - You won't see many of these around!
  • Built with fantastic spec and electronics choices you just don't see on other Fenders

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Parallel Universe

Question: Is the Fender Parallel Universe any good?
Yes! Parallel Universe series guitars are built to the same exacting standards of build quality as every Fender guitar. The difference lies in the design and spec, giving you guitars you wouldn't normally see from Fender.
Question: Where are Fender Parallel Universe guitars made?
At Fender's home factory in Corona, California, USA.
Question: Who plays a Fender Parallel Universe guitar?
Slipknot's Jim Root, country star Thomas Rhett and Chris Tapp of The Cold Stares have all been spotted wielding a Parallel Universe axe or two.