TC Electronic Bass Amps

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About TC Electronic Bass Amps

TC Electronic bass amps are available from guitarguitar. TC Electronic are best known for their top quality rack and effects pedals. Their bass amps carry that same level of quality and design, applying it to a range of lightweight, heavily featured amps.

TC Electronic bass amplifiers have unique designs with lots of innovative ideas. They often feature functions like the ability to save presets, built-in compressors and custom built speakers arranged in non-standard configurations.

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Frequently Asked Questions about TC Electronic Bass Amps

Question: I want a powerful yet compact and light bass rig. What TC head and cab should I go for?
We'd recommend choosing the TC Electronic BH800 head. It has 800w of power and is a simple, straightforward design. It has clever features such as a tuner and a USB Toneprint feature (download artist tones from online directly to the amp). We would twin this up with the TC RS212 cab. Both head and cab are light, space saving but heavy duty in terms of sound.
Question: What is the 'SpectraComp' control on the TC RH750 amp head?
Spectracomp is a multiband compressor. TC have created it so that you can enjoy transparent and effective compression with only one control knob. Multiple parameters are manipulated together in an intuitive and effective way.