Fender American Original Telecaster

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About Fender American Original Telecaster

The Fender American Original Telecaster is available in two iconic models - 50s and 60s - which together replace the American Vintage series. These Telecasters pay tribute to those classic Fender years with some great period-specific details but bring them to today's standards by opting for more contemporary 9.5" radius fingerboards with Narrow Tall frets.

These exceptional Fender Telecasters are available online now. We are one of the UK's largest authorised Fender dealers, with a large and comprehensive range of guitars from all of Fender's ranges available to try in store, including the great Fender American Original series.

Our Fender American Original Telecaster guitars come included with a hard case.


Why Should I Choose a Fender American Original Telecaster Guitar?

  • Authentic vintage Fender design
  • Offers excellent tuning stability
  • Great for blues and country playing

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender American Original Telecaster

Question: The 60s Original Tele has a 'round laminated' fingerboard. What does that mean?
This refers to the actual shape of the underside of the fingerboard. It is curved rather than flat and sits comfortably on the identically curved top of the neck. This is a very stable way to built a neck.
Question: Does the American Original 50s Tele have a vintage style neck?
The American Original 50s Tele has a fantastically thick U-shaped neck which gives a real vintage feel. The fingerboard has been given a slightly more contemporary 9.5" radius to make the instrument more fun and playable. We think this an excellent decision!
Question: Do the brass saddles on the American Original 50s Telecaster really make a difference?
We would say so, yes. Every little aspect of a guitar plays a part in the overall tone. Brass barrel saddles and a string through body add some sustain and top end zing which, for many Telecaster fans, is a very important part of that signature sound.
Question: What does 'round laminated' mean in relation to the fingerboard?
Round Laminate fingerboards are fingerboards that are curved to the same radius as the neck itself and fit snugly on top. It is a very stable method of construction and is a historically accurate feature for these American Original Strat models. The opposite of this technique is to use a 'slab' fingerboard, which is flat on the back.