Fender Bassbreaker

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About Fender Bassbreaker

Fender's Bassbreaker guitar amps were desinged to give players a range of valve tones from pristine sparkle to gritty filth, all in a straightforward and sturdy package.

These all-tube amplifiers come in a range of sizes, both in combo form and as a head and cab rig. The Bassbreaker range is intended to give players their own voice on stage or during rehearsal with rugged grey tweed-covered amps that nail every tone. Each Bassbreaker model has a custom Celestion speaker voiced to get the most out of every amp.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Bassbreaker

Question: I want that classic, vintage Fender tone. Is the Fender Bassbreaker range for me?
Yes, most definitely. The Bassbreaker 45 is designed specifically to give you the legendary Bassman tone as well as a host of other tones and textures. Fender tones don't get more classic and vintage than a tweed Bassman!
Question: Which Bassbreaker combo is best for gigging with?
We recommend choosing the 18/30 combo for most gigging situations. The 30w setting is perfect for small to mid sized venues and you can switch it down to 18w if you want more grit and gain in your sound. The larger 45w Bassbreaker will be a great choice if you need lots of clean headroom or are playing slightly bigger venues.
Question: What amps make up the Bassbreaker range?
The Bassbreaker range is made up of Combos, heads and cabs. They are as follows: Combos: 15, 45, 18/30 & 007 Heads: 15, 45 & 007 Cabs: 112 & 212
Question: Is the Bassbreaker based on an amp from Fender's past?
The Fender Bassbreaker is a brand new range of amps with new features and original styling. While the range is not based on any particular Fender amplifier range from the past, the Bassbreakers do aim to deliver that famous Fender clean sound so loved by players,alongside sounds that are more contemporary.