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About Orange Pedals

Orange pedals are extremely tough, designed for a life of heavy duty use during gigs and tours.

Orange make a selection of pedals including a compressor, a clean boost and an octave fuzz. They also make a few utility pedals such as the Amp Detonator AB pedal and the Omec Audio Interface. All of these pedals are super high quality and sound fantastic.

Please check out our entire Orange pedal range on our site or pop into a guitarguitar store for a demo!

Frequently Asked Questions about Orange Pedals

Question: The Orange Fur Coat pedal is an Octave Fuzz: what is an octave fuzz?
Octave fuzzes take the usual fuzz distortion sound and add harmonic overtones to certain notes (frets 8-15 seem to always work well in this regard!) for a wilder, more over-the-top sound. This is something that fans of Jimi Hendrix will love!