Korg Digital Pianos

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About Korg Digital Pianos

Korg digital pianos are loved for their realistic touch and sound. The key element behind their realism is the RH3 keybed. This divides the keys up into sections, with the lowest notes feeling heavier and gradually feeling lighter as you work your way up to the high notes. This recreates the sensation of acoustic piano keys under your fingers. When coupled with multi-sampled instrument voices, it gives you the authentic piano experience Korg digital pianos excel at.


Why Should I Choose a Korg Digital Piano?

  • Fantastic selection of multi-sampled instrument tones
  • Natural feeling Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 keyboard
  • Never needs to be tuned

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Digital Pianos

Question: What is the best Korg digital piano for beginners?
Our most popular Korg piano with beginners is the LP-380. It's a feature-packed piano that feels natural. This makes it easy to transition back and forth from the acoustic piano you may be taking lessons on.
Question: What kind of keyboard do Korg digital pianos have?
Korg digital pianos feature an RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3) keybed. This emulates the feeling of an acoustic piano by making the lower notes heavy under your fingers and gradually lighter as you work your way to the higher notes.
Question: Do Korg digital pianos only have piano sounds?
No, Korg pianos feature dozens of sounds. These include electric piano, harpsichord, marimba, orchestral strings, upright bass and organ. The sounds can also be layered or split across the keyboard.