Korg Digital Pianos

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About Korg Digital Pianos

Korg really need no introduction. They have made many excellent instruments and equipment over the years. Some of which have helped shape entire genres. The M1 synthesizer was used as the main soundboard for the New Jack Swing genre, for example.

Korg's digital pianos provide excellent playing response and highly realistic piano sounds. This is all in a lightweight, slim design cabinet that makes it very easy to move around the house.

If you're looking for quality in a smaller profile design, then Korg digital pianos are definitely worth checking out!

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Digital Pianos

Question: Are there sounds other than acoustic piano available on Korg digital pianos?
While the main focus of these pianos is to provide as high quality a piano sound as possible, they do feature other fantastic on board sounds.
Question: Do Korg digital pianos feature Bluetooth?
It depends on the model in question. The Korg C1 features Bluetooth, allowing you to interact with music apps and stream audio through the internal speakers. The LP-380, on the other hand, doesn't feature Bluetooth.