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About KHDK Electronics Guitar Pedals

KHDK Electronics Guitar Pedals are a great choice for rock and metal guitarists in seek of a commanding tone. KHDK pedals started in 2012 as a collaborative effort between Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and his previous gear collaborator David Karon. Their combined initials are where the company name came from. KHDK guitar pedals are used by many artists, especially those in the rock and metal genre such as John 5, Rob Caggiano, Joe Duplantier and Vernon Reid. High gain signature effects pedals are also available from guitarists including Nergal and Kirk Hammett. Most of the pedals are proudly crafted in Prague, Czech Republic, and the hand built quality makes them very popular. Each of the pedals benefits from its own set of features with some of these including true bypass mode, clean boost and a power supply input. With eye-catching designs and designed without compromise, KHDK pedals would make an excellent addition to any pedal board.

Why Should I Choose a KHDK Electronics Guitar Pedal?

  • Excellent range of effects including many limited editions
  • Made to a very high quality
  • Signature pedals from several artists
  • Excellent choice for rock and metal guitarists

Frequently Asked Questions about KHDK Electronics Guitar Pedals

Question: Who owns KHDK pedals?
KHDK pedals was founded by Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and David Karon. David had a history of working with Kirk, making it a great starting point for KHDK.
Question: Where are KHDK pedals made?
KHDK pedals are made to a very high quality in either Prague, Czech Republic, or Paducah, Kentucky, USA, depending on the pedal.
Question: Are KHDK pedals any good?
Yes! KHDK pedals are an excellent choice for the guitarist seeking a bold tone that will help you stand out in style.