Korg Stage Pianos

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About Korg Stage Pianos

Korg Stage Pianos feature over 40 years of experience in manufacturing keyboards and synthesizers. The flagship Grandstage 88 hosts 88 keys on Korg's Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keybed and comes supplied with a heavy duty and highly positionable stand.

The Gradstage features some of the most realistic piano voices available on the market today, as well as some stellar organ, electric piano, synthesizer and brass sounds. Designed for performers, the Grandstage omits menu diving and offers control over the high quality reverbs and delays, equalization and compression from dedicated knobs on the front panel. Another amazing feature is the favourite buttons, allowing you to assign your favourite and most used patches for fast recall. The Grandstage is the gigging musician's dream.

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Stage Pianos

Question: What is SST?
SST stands for Smooth Sound Transition, which offers a seamless segue between patches. While less refined stage pianos can cut off a sound as soon as you change to a different voice, SST eliminates this harsh and unprofessional sound.
Question: Are Korg stage pianos suitable for use in houses of worship?
Yes, popular sounds include pianos and organs, but even orchestral strings can be put to good use in the church setting.
Question: Do Korg stage pianos have any sounds other than piano?
Absolutely. In addition to multiple piano voices, some of the other sounds include electric pianos, clavinets, organs, bass, strings and synthesizers.
Question: What is a stage piano?
Stage pianos are designed to have the feel and sounds of an acoustic piano, but in an extremely compact package which makes them convenient for the gigging musician. Featuring a weighted keybed and high quality audio samples, stage pianos feel and sound just like the real thing, but offer the convenience of being more portable and never needing to be tuned. They also provide the ability to change sounds and add effects at the touch of a button.