Korg Stage Pianos

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About Korg Stage Pianos

Korg stage pianos are loved for their excellent sound and timeless design. They are an excellent choice for touring musicians, as well as schools and theatres. They are also great for playing at home.
With head-turning designs like the SV and SP range, Korg digital pianos not only look spectacular, they're incredibly powerful instruments. They feature high-quality sounds that can be sculpted to your preference with effects and filters. Their incredibly realistic keybeds feel fluid and natural.

Why Choose a Korg Digital Piano?

  • Studio quality sounds
  • Reliable and portable
  • Head-turning design

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Stage Pianos

Question: Which Korg stage piano is best for beginners?
The D1 is an excellent option for beginners. It features great sounds and Korg's natural feeling RH3 keybed.
Question: Can I use a Korg stage piano with my computer?
Yes, most Korg pianos feature a USB or 5-Pin MIDI connection so you can control your favourite software.
Question: What kind of sounds can I get with a Korg stage piano?
Korg pianos feature a wide range of sounds. These include electric, upright and grand pianos as well as other instruments like marimba, clavianette and orchestral strings.