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About Mesa Boogie Pedals

Mesa Boogie pedals bring guitarists the highest quality drive and utility pedals available anywhere on the market. Mesa offer some of their most delicious overdrive and distortion tones via sturdy stomp boxes, so you can add some Boogie colour to your own rig! Some of these drive pedals also have Mesa's famous 5-band EQ sliders on the front for some powerful additional tone shaping. Flavours of drive range from boosts to full-on saturation.

In addition to their excellent gain pedals, Mesa Boogie also offer quality utility pedals like A/B boxes, buffers and signal converters. Every Mesa Boogie pedal is hand made in California, just like their guitar amps. Only the best components and materials are used to build them. These are professional level tools that will last a lifetime and seriously upgrade your rig.

As one of the UK's biggest authorised Mesa Boogie dealers, we keep a large numbers of these pedals in stock throughout all of our guitarguitar stores. We have access to the very best that Boogie offers so if you are looking for anything Mesa Boogie related, make guitarguitar your first port of call!

Frequently Asked Questions about Mesa Boogie Pedals

Question: Which pedal is best for getting a really versatile range of drives?
We would recommend the Flux Drive for a wide range of quality drive tones that range from slightly broken to vintage roar! If you want even more control, there is a version of the pedal with Mesa's famous 5 band graphic EQ built into it called the Flux-Five.
Question: Do Mesa Boogie make any pedals for bass?
Yes they do! Mesa Boogie make a pedal called the Subway Bass DI-Preamp which, as the name suggests, provides a platform to base your entire bass sound from. Whether you prefer to put this in front of an amp or use it to go direct, the sound of Mesa's Subway D-800 will be available to you in this compact and powerful package.
Question: I'm looking for that famous Mesa Boogie high gain distortion: is there a pedal that can give me that?
Yes, you need to head straight for the Mesa Boogie Throttle Box! You'll be in high gain heaven with this aggressive and superb sounding hard rock and metal distortion! It is a very satisfying pedal to use and has a distinctively Dual Rec-esque sound and feel to its gain structure. We wholeheartedly recommend it! There is another model of the Throttle Box with a 5 band graphic EQ onboard for extra tone shaping power too.