Mesa Boogie

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About Mesa Boogie

Mesa Boogie are one of the worlds most renowned and respected names in guitar amplification technology. With innovative products such as the Mark V, Dual and Triple Rectifier and Lone Star it's easy to see why professional and amateur musicians alike choose Mesa Boogie for their amplification needs. With a range of options that suits all levels and budgets, Mesa Boogie has an amp for you.

Why Should I Choose Mesa Boogie?

  • Incredible Sound
  • Innovative Design
  • World-Class Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions about Mesa Boogie

Question: Is Mesa Boogie any good?
Yes. Mesa Boogie are one of the most revered amplification brands, and for good reason. They make extremely high-quality products that are popular amongst professional musicians both in studio and on stage.
Question: What is Mesa Boogie good for?
Mesa Boogie is good for all styles of music, but known for their rock and metal associations. Their amplification and pedal technology is legendary.
Question: Did Gibson buy Mesa Boogie?
Yes. Gibson acquired Mesa Boogie in January of 2021.
Question: Where are Mesa Boogie amps made?
Mesa Boogie amps are all made entirely in their facility in Petaluma, California USA.