Mesa Boogie Mark V

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About Mesa Boogie Mark V

The Mesa Boogie Mark V is in many ways the ultimate Boogie amp. It is the culmination of several generations worth of features, refinements and tweaks to stand as the defining statement of Randall Smith's Mesa Boogie amp craft.

Realistically, there aren't really any guitar amp tones out there that cannot be achieved with a Boogie Mark V amp. Whether you like classic overdrive, high gain distortion, clear and three dimensional cleans or any point in between, these amps have the ability and controls to nail those tones. The Mark V employs mini switches and graphic EQs in addition to highly reactive gain controls and tone stacks. Each one also has a wealth of connectivity on the back as well as a game-changing footswitch. The Mark V is available in a wealth of sizes as both a combo and a head.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mesa Boogie Mark V

Question: How many channels does the Boogie Mark 5 amp have?
The Boogie Mark 5 has 3 channels and each channel has 3 separate modes so you have 9 distinct sounds available to play with!
Question: Can the Multi-Watt feature be set to different power ratings per channel?
Yes! The Multi-Watt feature allows you to attenuate the power level of EACH channel to either 90, 45 or 10 watts. Changing the power rating alters the feel of the amp as well as the sound so you can have three quite distinctly different tones and feels within the amp. It's a great feature and very easy to use: each channel has a simple switch for power rating so you can have a play around to find your preference and then go between the three channels with your footswitch.
Question: What is different about the John Petrucci Signature Mark V?
The JP-2C Petrucci model is quite a special amp, not just for Dream Theater fans but for all Boogie fans since it’s effectively a reissue of the fabled Mark IIC+ amp (one of the most coveted early 80s amps Boogie have ever produced) with a few extra functional additions requested by John. Each channel uses the circuit voice of the Mark IIC+ and develops from there: the clean channel has been tweaked to allow for more headroom; the crunch channel now has the same amount of gain available as the lead channel but the channel itself is more tight and focused and the Lead channel is the ultimate, most expressive and distorted Boogie channel ever! Channel 2 is pretty much the original Mark IIC+ lead channel, allowing the JP-2C to go further with its own lead channel. Each of the high gain channels also has its own graphic EQ channel so you can absolutely sculpt the exact tones you want. There are even more features on this amp like the gain pull and the pull presence as well as a great ‘shred’ function that to us sounds like what happens when you place a ‘screamer’-type pedal in front of a sizzling high gain amp. It’s a very clever addition and works excellently! Other features include a tube FX loop, MIDI functionality and a great DI with a cabinet simulator, all of which combine to make this amp a fully spec’d, highly impressive amp that sounds spectacular.