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About Mesa Boogie Amps

Mesa Boogie are, to many, the pinnacle of American amp building. For decades, this company, founded by designer Randall Smith, has epitomized boutique feature-laden amplifiers that are sonically incredible and impeccably built.

Although Mesa Boogie make a wide range of guitar amps, it is perhaps fair to say that the company got their name by bringing guitarists higher gain levels in combo amps than they'd ever experienced before. From the early days of hot-rodding amps by other makers to the introduction of the first 'Boogie' amps, the defining feature of Mesa Boogie is the smooth 'cascading' gain channels.

Mesa Boogie almost single-handedly created the boutique amp market and to this day remain leaders of the high end amp market. Some of their models, like the Dual Rectifier head, have moved beyond popularity and into the realm of legendary: the 'Dual Rec' sound is one of the most revered -and copied- high gain sounds in modern musical history. All Mesa Boogie amps are hand made in Petaluma, California.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mesa Boogie Amps

The list is pretty massive so here are some select highlights: James Hetfield (Metallica), Adam Jones (Tool), Al DiMeola, John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Korn, Lamb of God, Richard Kruspe (Rammstein), Carlos Santana, Soundgarden, John Squire (the Stone Roses), and many, many more.
He did! Carlos was an early adopter of the amps and was quoted as saying 'This thing really boogies!' after having a quick blast on an early Mark I combo. This may or may not be apocryphal but Carlos has used nothing but Mesa Boogie amps ever since!
We would say that the current Mark V amp is the most versatile Mesa Boogie amp. No other all valve amplifier has the range of sounds or features that this amp handles. The quality is extremely high too: every sound and interaction is pretty much perfect. Players of a heavier disposition may want to check out the John Petrucci signature Mark V: it introduces some gain-friendly extra features for guitarists who want THAT tone!
Well, there is really one choice: it has to be the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. This amp is the sound of modern metal without doubt: listen to any track from Metallica's epoch-defining Black Album and you'll hear a 'Dual Rec' set to stun! Rammstein, well known for having one of the most envy-inducing ensemble sounds in metal, make significant use of the Mesa Dual Rectifier too.
The Lonestar is an amazingly versatile amp and offers some of Boogie's greatest clean and slightly overdriven tones. It does high gain too but with a different focus and emphasis to something like a Dual Rectifier. Sting's long-time guitarist Dominic Miller is a notable user of the Lonestar and he is a good example of the type of player who'd be well suited to this amp. Guitarists who need a selection of tones that are all organic, touch sensitive and expressive will love the Lonestar. If we were playing primarily hard rock then Mesa Boogie have plenty of other amps to cater to us but for the axeman who wants a great palette of quality heritage tones from all eras of music, the Lonestar is the one to go for.