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About Arturia DrumBrute

The DrumBrute series by Arturia offers a modern take on vintage analog drum machines. Combining all the charm and character of analog machines from the 70s and 80s with the stability and powerful sequencing options of modern machines. The DrumBrute has an intuitive workflow and an awesome selection of sounds that have a vintage quality, but possess their own signature character.

Arturia DrumBrute machines are affordable analog rhythm boxes capable of producing big beats that are highly tweakable and offer an enhanced level of creativity. The standard DrumBrute hosts 17 highly tweakable drum sounds, one of the best sequencers on the market, and 12 individual outputs for acute mixing control. One of its unique features is the much-loved Steiner-Parker filter, which allows you to curve filter swoops on the fly or accent drops but cutting out the low end. The DrumBrute offers a lot of versatility and is an excellent tool for use both in the studio and on stage.

The DrumBrute Impact is the hot-rodded little brother of the of DrumBrute, featuring 10 punchy analog sounds and 4 individual outputs for precise mixing. The Impact features unique characteristics including its dedicated FM sound pad, 'Colour' implementation to give the sounds exciting tonal variations, and the distortion circuit to add warmth to your rhythm or completely brutalise it.

Arturia DrumBrute machines bring an intuitive and musical approach to drum machines and we believe they are the best analog drum machines on the market today.

Why Should I Choose Arturia DrumBrute?

  • Authentic analog sounds
  • Powerful step sequencing
  • Built-in distortion channel can add an edge to your beats

Frequently Asked Questions about Arturia DrumBrute

Question: What genres of music can I make with a DrumBrute?
The DrumBrute excels at electronic music and is great for techno, electro and hip-hop. That said, many of the rock bands your dad used to listen to in the car featured drum machines that the DrumBrutes are based on. That's right, the same machines used by acts like Tehcnotronic, The Prodigy, Roni Size, Run DMC, 808 State and Afrika Bambaata were also used by Phil Collins, Def Leppard, Rod Stewart and ZZ Top.
Question: Why would I want individual outputs?
More outputs essentially gives you more control over the sound. You may only wish to apply reverb to or compress one of the sounds, or EQing your snare or kick drum will be easier if routed through a mixing desk. There are many uses for the outputs.
Question: How do I use the individual outputs?
All sounds will run from the master outputs unless a cable is connected to an individual output. Doing this will remove the sound (labelled on the output) from the main mix and route it to the connected output.
Question: Is Arturia DrumBrute analog?
Yes. DrumBrute machines have an authentic all-analog flow of sound.
Question: Is DrumBrute good?
Yes. If you're after authentic analog drum beats, then you'll find the DrumBrute machines to be a powerful addition to your setup.