Blackstar ID Core

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About Blackstar ID Core

The Blackstar ID Core Series has become something of a modern classic for beginners. Boasting an extraordinary range of features in such a small package, they are the perfect amp for those just starting out!

Now on its third generation, the Blackstar ID Core is a digital practice amp with many great amp sounds and effects. It makes your home practice fun and rewarding. The ID Core never feels overwhelming; the effects are carefully curated and intuitive to dial in. If you need more control, you can access deep editing via the free Architect software.

The Blackstar ID Core also boasts stereo full range speakers. This means that not only does your guitar sound full and wide, it is also a perfect speaker for listening to music and watching movies at home. Additionally, the ID Core features a USB port that enables low-latency recording. This turns this sleek amp into a powerful audio interface. You can also live stream directly to your smartphone or tablet using a 3.5mm TRRS cable.

Why Choose a Blackstar ID Core?

  • Intuitive practice amp
  • Full range stereo speakers
  • Perfect for home recording

Frequently Asked Questions about Blackstar ID Core

Question: Is the Blackstar ID Core Battery powered?
The third generation of Blackstar ID Core amps are compatible with an external power bank, the PB-1. This unit is sold separately but enables you to turn the Blackstar ID Core into a truly portable amplifier.
Question: Does the Blackstar ID Core have bluetooth?
The Blackstar ID Core BEAM is the only amp in the series to have Bluetooth functionality. You can use this to stream music and backing tracks to your amplifier.
Question: Can I record using a Blackstar ID Core?
Yes! You can actually record by two methods using the Blackstar ID Core. The ID Core becomes a low-latency audio interface when you use the USB out and plug directly into your laptop or computer. You can also use a 3.5mm TRRS cable plugged into the headphones output to record directly onto your smartphone and tablet. This is popular for live-streaming.