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About DJ Mixers

The art of mixing records goes back decades and is based around three components: two turntables and one mixer. The creation of the DJ mixer left a phenomenal impact on music history, and although it was originally intended for creating seamless blends between songs, adventurous Pro DJs soon explored their way into the worlds of scratching, looping and mixing complete sections of songs together.

In addition to the cross fader, DJ mixers can come with various additional features, including audio effects, a microphone input and even USB connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions about DJ Mixers

Question: Is it possible to use vinyl and software together?
Yes, there are 2 clear approaches to this. You can keep your vinyl and computer separate, using a DJ control surface with your computer, which is then connected to the same mixer as your vinyl decks. Alternatively, a system such as Native Instrument Scratch allows you to use your decks (or CDJs) to control the software. A time code is sent from the Scratch vinyl to the software, which allows you to scratch in and play music from your computer with exactly the same response as if you were playing a record.
Question: Do all DJ Mixers have a Booth Output?
Some DJ mixers have a Booth Output. This outputs the same mix as the master outputs, however the Booth Output has its own dedicated volume control. This allows the DJ to have direct control over what they hear on stage, be it for monitoring front of house playback or purely for vibe.
Question: Will I need to use DI boxes when I connect to a PA?
This depends on the mixer, and although there are exceptions to the rule, generally if the mixer has XLR outputs, then it doesn't require the use of a DI box. However, if it only has RCA/Phono or ¼" jack outputs, then it will definitely require DI boxes to be connected to a PA.
Question: Will a DJ Mixer work with both Vinyl decks/turntables and CDJs?
Absolutely, DJ mixers offer the option to connect both Phono/RCA and Line Level devices.