Epiphone SG Special

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About Epiphone SG Special

The Epiphone SG Special takes the traditional design of the 1960s and makes it available at a very reasonable price. After being introduced as an alternative design to the Les Paul, the SG established itself and found a home amongst many rock players. You will likely recognise the SG from being in the hands of players such as Angus Young and Frank Zappa. Standing for 'solid guitar', it has become a guitar that many players dream of having.

The Special keeps with the simple design and favours function over excess looks. It is very much a guitar for the players; those who want to get down to business and enjoying playing. As you would expect to find, a 3 way pickup switch, 2 volume pots and 2 tone pots allow the player to control and fine tune their tone selection with ease.

Those looking for big tones that are still versatile will find a friend in the sounds on offer here. While the SG is certainly associated with rock, it can do so much more. Rolling back the volume can make a huge difference, allowing them to clean up and deliver styles that are a lot softer.

Why Should I Choose a Epiphone SG Special?

  • It is a budget friendly version of the highly coveted SG
  • Ideally suited to those who want the classic design on a budget
  • High quality Epiphone construction

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone SG Special

Question: Who is this guitar suitable for?
The SG is an easy to play guitar due to the double cutaway. The budget friendly price of the Special makes it perfect as a serious beginner guitar or those wanting to upgrade from a first guitar. It is also great as a back up guitar for professional musicians.
Question: Is this good as a first guitar?
The simple design and player friendly operation make it a good choice for beginners but the quality of sounds available make it go far beyond being a starter level guitar.
Question: Why is the SG so famous?
The double cutaway design made it a practical choice for many but the top horns also have a distinctive style and attitude to them. Some players also favour them due to the thinner bodies compared to that of a Les Paul. All of these elements have contributed to them being used widely since their introduction in the 60s.