ESP Horizon

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About ESP Horizon

The ESP Horizon is both sophisticated and brutal; elegant and powerful. They are at the cutting edge of professional quality electric guitars.

From the carved archtop to the thru-neck construction, every detail of the ESP Horizon demonstrates exceptional quality. The Horizon is made from a mahogany body with an arched quilted maple top, a three-piece maple neck and ebony fingerboard. It has a tight, responsive low-end and a precise top-end which helps you cut through no matter how much gain you use.

The Horizon-III is a bold take on the classic Horizon shape featuring a dynamic, offset shape with an elongated upper horn. Both Horizon and Horizon-III are available with hardtails or with Floyd Rose locking tuners. The Horizon is available with both active and passive pickups.

What Makes the ESP Horizon Different?

  • Beautiful carved top and thru-neck construction
  • Available in a range of models
  • Perfect for metal styles
  • Frequently Asked Questions about ESP Horizon

    Question: What style of music is the ESP Horizon good for?
    Effortless to play and ferocious sounding, the ESP Horizon is a metal guitar, through and through. It does boast the ability to split coils with a push-pull pot so sparkling single coil sounds are available. Really though, you’ll want to let this beast rip.
    Question: Where is the ESP E-II Horizon made?
    The ESP E-II Horizon is handmade in Tokyo, Japan. It is their highest-quality factory-produced instrument collection and demonstrates exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.