Fender American Jaguar

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About Fender American Jaguar

The Fender American Jaguar, with its space-age looks and bright, clear tone, has become a bonafide cult classic over the last 60 years. It has been a staple of alternative rock bands since Kurt Cobain became a fan in the early 90s.

The Fender Jaguar burst onto the scene in the early 1960s, replete with switches, sliders and knobs. Its lively, percussive sound was a perfect match for California’s surf rock bands like The Beach Boys. This guitar is reproduced in the stunning American Original 60s Jaguar. Bar a small concession to modernity in the form of the comfortable 9.5”, the American Original 60s Jaguar is a period-correct replica of the vibey vintage guitars.

Some American Jaguars, like the American Professional Jaguar and the Johnny Marr Jaguar, provide modern spins on the classic design.

Whatever the model, the Jaguar's enduring popularity comes from its iconic shape and short 24” scale length. These make them compact and easy to play - perfect for jumping around the stage!

Our Fender American Jaguar guitars come included with a hard case.


What Makes the Fender American Jaguar Different?

  • The original cult classic
  • Bright, clear tone, perfect for alternative rock
  • Comfortable and easy to play

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender American Jaguar

Question: What kind of music is the Fender American Jaguar good for?
The Fender American Jaguar is a legend of alternative rock music. Whether it's the chaotic grunge of Kurt Cobain or the clean pop of Johnny Marr, both love the Jaguar. Other guitar players who favour Jaguars include the dirty jazz of Marc Ribot (Tom Waits) or Americana of Kurt Vile and Sharon Van Etten.
Question: What’s the difference between a Fender American Jaguar and Jazzmaster?
There are many differences between the Jaguar and the Jazzmaster. The main two are the pickups and the scale length. Jaguar pickups are brighter and clearer whereas Jazzmaster pickups are thicker and richer. The Jaguar has a short 24” scale length which gives it an easy feel whereas the Jazzmaster has a 25.5” scale length which gives it more sustain.