Fender Classic Series

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About Fender Classic Series

Fender Classic Series guitars are a range of electric guitars and basses that evoke the romance of Fender's past by focusing on significant models from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Made in Ensenada, Mexico, each model has its own special features depending on the 'vintage'. For example, the 50s Stratocaster model has a V-profile glossy neck and a rounded 7.25" radius for a very specific playing feel compared with the U shaped neck of the 70s equivalent.

These guitars come in a plethora of beautiful historic Fender colours, again depending on the model's origins. The 50s Tele, for example, is available in a White Blonde option whereas the 60s model has Olympic White instead. Delve into the full range here online or check them out in person at your closest guitarguitar UK store.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Classic Series

Question: Where are Fender Classic Series guitars made?
All Fender Classic Series guitars and basses are made in Ensenada, Mexico.
Question: What is the difference between Fender's Classic series and Classic Player series?
The Classic series consists of retro-specific models that celebrate important decades in Fender's history using styling and hardware relative to that era. The Classic Player series begins life like that but, since they are made to the specific design of a Custom Shop Master Builder, certain details such as fingerboard radii and so on can be changed so that they may be a little anachronistic to the time frame in which the guitar was originally intended. For example, the Classic 60s Strat has a 7.25" fingerboard radius, which is correct for the era. The Classic PLayer model 60s Strat has a 12" radius fingerboard which is much flatter, easier to bend strings on and in no way historically accurate to the 60s! We recommend simply trying both in these sorts of situations. One will normally reveal itself to be more suitable for you than the other!
Question: Are the Classic Series guitars direct reissues of historical guitars?
No, they are more like cumulative 'Best Of' style guitars which gather together lots of defining features into instruments that represent a particular period. They are close to being reissues but, strictly speaking, are not. This gives Fender more freedom to make them better guitars.
Question: What makes each of these Fender guitars a 'classic'?
Each of these models is a culmination of the most specific and defining features of the given decade. For example, 3 ply pickguards didn't appear on Fenders until the 60s, so Fender Classic 50s Strats have single ply pickguards. These details are helpful in defining each 'classic' period of Fender's history. When guitar players see a Sunburst Stratocaster with a dark fingerboard, they immediately think '1960s Strat' (or, more specifically, a '62 Strat!) and it is this instant recognition that Fender understand and inject into these reissues of 'classic' Fender guitars and basses.