Tenor Ukuleles

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About Tenor Ukuleles

Tenor ukuleles are the largest of the standard tuning ukuleles (GCEA) and as such has the loudest, richest voice with the longest sustain. This means they are very popular for players who are serious about trying to get a great ukulele tone.

The tenor ukulele has a length tip to toe of 26 inches. The longer scale length, which is the playable length of string, means that the frets are spaced out further. Compared to the guitar, the tenor ukulele is still easy to pick up as a beginner but it is more of a stretch than soprano and concert ukuleles. This is something to consider when choosing a ukulele as a beginner or as a gift.

Why should I choose a tenor ukulele?

  • Rich, melodious tone
  • Standard tuning
  • For serious players
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Tenor Ukuleles

    Question: Are tenor ukuleles tuned differently?
    Tenor ukuleles are tuned to GCEA. This is the same as the soprano and concert ukuleles. There is a slight difference however. Soprano and concert ukuleles have a ‘high G’. This means that the G string is higher pitched than the C and A strings. You can tune the tenor ukulele with either a high G or a low G, depending on the set of strings.
    Question: Should I get a tenor or concert ukulele?
    The question is really ‘do you prefer comfort over sound?’ The tenor ukulele is larger than the concert ukulele and therefore has a bigger, richer sound. The concert ukulele, because it is smaller, is more comfortable to hold and easier to play. Both are legitimate reasons for choosing an instrument, it’s just a matter of personal preference!