Left Handed Classical Guitars

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Left Handed Classical Guitars

Left handed classical guitars can be found in the acoustic departments of our stores. We offer traditionally styled nylon string guitars from makers like Ortega and Manuel Farrina, we also have some wonderful Taylor nylon string models for left handed players. These are more modern in design and provide a high quality nylon guitar experience.

Why Choose a Left Handed Classical Guitar?

  • Designed for left handed guitarists
  • Models are available from some of the best brands around
  • Great for traditional/Spanish styles of playing

Frequently Asked Questions about Left Handed Classical Guitars

Question: Are any of the left handed classical guitars electro models?
Yes, we have left handed electro classical guitars by makers like Manuel Ferrino, Taylor and Ortega. These will allow you to plug into an amplifier or PA system and perform instantly.
Question: Can I use normal right handed strings on a left handed classical guitar?
Yes! Sets of strings are neither left nor right handed so just buy whichever set of classical strings you prefer and they will be fine!