Korg Arranger Keyboards

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About Korg Arranger Keyboards

Korg arranger keyboards are some of the best arranger instruments available. They allow you to perform with backing tracks and accompaniments without limitations.
Your Korg arranger keyboard will seamlessly follow the chord changes made by your hands to shift the playing musical accompaniment into the correct key. It's a liberating experience that takes the risk out of playing with backing tracks. Each keyboard features a huge library of sounds, rhythms and accompaniments in various styles of music.
If you're looking to use rhythms and sequences as part of a solo or band performance, you're going to love Korg arranger keyboards.

Why Should I Choose a Korg Arranger Keyboard?

  • Versatile range of sounds, rhythms and accompaniments
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can be used in solo and band settings

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Arranger Keyboards

Question: How many keys do Korg arranger keyboards have?
Most Korg arrangers feature 61 keys. However, the PA4X 76 has 76.
Question: What genres of music can I play with Korg arranged keyboards?
Korg arranger keyboards are suitable for many styles of music including jazz, blues, folk, pop, rock and eastern music.
Question: What's the difference between a Korg arranger keyboard and a regular keyboard?
An arranger keyboard is designed to be the middle ground between live performance and pre-programmed music. While a regular keyboard is played like a piano, an arranger takes the piano playing element and adds pre-programmed parts which follow the chord changes made by your hands.