Martin 00

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About Martin 00

The Martin 00 has a smaller body and a tighter waist than the likes of a dreadnought guitar. It sits between the 0 Tenor shape and the 000 Orchestral shape in Martin's catalogue. This makes it the perfect size for fingerpicking and Blues, where individual notes are more important that chordal strumming.

Martin 00 guitars are available in a variety of wood combinations. The most famous of these is perhaps the 00-15M, which uses solid Mahogany for the top, back & sides.

A selection of our Martin 00 guitars come included with a gig bag or guitar case.

Why Should I Choose Martin 00 Series?

  • Great for Fingerpicking or Blues
  • Smaller Body
  • Over 100 Years of Experience
  • Outstanding Quality and Sound

Frequently Asked Questions about Martin 00

Question: Where are Martin 00 guitars built?
They are built by hand in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, as they have been since 1839!
Question: How is the '00' in a Martin 00 guitar pronounced?
The accepted pronunciation for a Martin 00 is 'double-oh'.