Martin Travel Guitars

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About Martin Travel Guitars

Martin offer a range of portable acoustic guitars that are perfect for travelling with. From the Little Martin range that includes the popular LX1e to the unique Backpacker guitar, there is a travel guitar for everyone. Each guitarguitar store offers a comprehensive selection of Martin travel guitars with experienced staff on hand to help you make the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Martin Travel Guitars

Question: What is the most popular Martin travel guitar?
Martin's most popular travel guitar is the LX1e.
Question: Are Martin travel guitars easier to play than full sized guitars?
They certainly have less string tension, so the strings are easier to hold down. Smaller players will definitely find Martin travel guitars easier to play than full sized acoustics. Most larger players should find them easy to play too, with the exception of guitarists with particularly large fingers! A reduced scale length is a feature of travel guitars so the frets are more tightly spaced.
Question: What makes a travel guitar different from a normal acoustic?
Travel guitars have smaller bodies and shorter necks in order to make them easier to carry around and stash away on vehicle luggage areas. Construction materials can vary from model to model.
Question: What country are Martin travel guitars made in?
All of Martin's travel guitars are made in their own factory in Navojoa, Sonora. This is in Mexico.