Lefty Week: Free Beginner Lessons for Lefties

Published on 12 August 2019

It's not always easy being a lefty guitarist. From your very first time picking up a guitar you must either commit to learning in your natural position and having restricted options all of your days or proceed with the uphill struggle that is learning backwards. Now, take it from us and our many lefty staff members, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and no matter what you decide to do, things will get easier. That doesn't mean those early days aren't tough though and we wouldn't be doing you southpaws justice if we didn't do something to help out on lefty week!

All of this week, we're offering FREE beginner lessons to any left-handed players who stop by our stores. Our expert staff have put time aside to coach you guys on the basics of playing, whether that's learning your first riff, adding a couple of techniques to your arsenal, or even just jamming out a few chords. Learning to play the guitar is much easier if you have someone to guide you on your quest to rock superstardom so reserve your place for free now and join us. Be warned, spaces are limited and we don't want you to miss out - give your local store a call or email just now to get involved!

Contact your local store to book your place!

guitarguitar Birmingham 0121 456 1904 birmingham@guitarguitar.co.uk
guitarguitar Camden 0203 675 9100 camden@guitarguitar.co.uk
guitarguitar Edinburgh 0131 334 7100 edin@guitarguitar.co.uk
guitarguitar Epsom 01372 730578 epsom@guitarguitar.co.uk
guitarguitar Glasgow 0141 552 9896 glasgow@guitarguitar.co.uk
guitarguitar Newcastle 0191 261 1568 newcastle@guitarguitar.co.uk

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