Events: Blackstar Facebook Live Takeover

Published on 02 November 2020

Not many brands can convincingly say they've helped to shape the modern hard rock sound but it's impossible to deny the impact Blackstar have had. With a whole line up of insanely rich-sounding amps for every budget, their gear really is in a league of its own and has become a favourite for big riffers, metalheads and rockers alike! However, that's not where the Blackstar magic ends. Despite perhaps being best known for their big chunky tones, the brand also make some incredibly high-quality acoustic amps too that we've kind of fallen in love with lately. Providing loads of sparkle and a full, punchy tone with plenty of depth, we've really been blown away by their acoustic selection so we thought it was only right to show you what they could do!

The Details

This Thursday 05/11/20 at 7:00 PM, we welcome Blackstar expert Steve Marks to Takeover our live stream and show you the latest acoustic offerings from the brand. With Core, Sonnet & Fly models all being demo'd this is the perfect chance to get a full picture of their models and find out what's the best fit for you. Steve is a total Blackstar geek and will be answering any questions you have so feel free to ask for advice in the comments, or even just have a chat with him! We can't wait to let you guys hear some of the most exciting acoustic amps on the market - tune in and get the full rundown. 

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