MARTIN Custom Shop Weekend Events!

Published on 08 September 2022

Martin fans: do you ever dream of having access to an enormous selection of Martin Custom Shop guitars, all in one place at the same time?

If so, you’ll be interested in this event! As Martin Custom Shop Expert dealers, we always make sure we have the biggest and best collection of Martin Custom Shop instruments available anywhere in the country. We believe these are some of the most wonderful acoustic instruments on the planet, and are passionate about bringing them to you. Generally, these guitars are evenly spread throughout our stores so that everyone can have a fair shot at trying them in person, but very soon, our Newcastle and Glasgow stores will be  doing something rather special…


Martin Custom Shop, All Under One Roof

Set a date in your diary, Martin fans, because next month, we are collecting together an enormous selection of the finest Martin Custom Shop guitars and sending them all to our Newcastle and Glasgow stores for a pair of Martin Custom Shop Weekend events!

You’ll be able to see, try and compare some of the very best guitars that Martin have ever made. You’ll be able to talk to our knowledgeable staff about all of the models, and for an extra treat, we’ll even have a Martin expert from their distributors on hand during each weekend to chat and advise on all things Martin Custom Shop! What could be better?

Glasgow and Newcastle

The Newcastle event takes place between the 23rd to 25th Septempber, and the Glasgow event is two weekends after, on the 7th and 9th of October. We’ll move all of the guitars from the Newcastle event over to the Glasgow one, so everybody gets to enjoy the same awesome Martin Custom Shop experience!

What You Need to Do

In order to enjoy these special weekend celebrations of Martin Custom Shop, all you have to do is get yourself to the Glasgow or Newcastle guitarguitar stores on the given dates. There are no appointments required: just fire along at your leisure and speak to any of our staff! Give yourself enough time to fully enjoy a good wander around our finest Martin Custom Shop stock, and talk to a Martin expert about anything you ever wanted to know about the brand! If you love Martin guitars, this will be a real treat for you! If you’re actively looking for a new Martin guitar to buy, these events will be the best opportunities available anywhere to get the best selection and the best advice!


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