PRS Guitars Takeover at guitarguitar Glasgow

Published on 11 September 2023

PRS lovers, players and admirers: the best event of the year is coming soon and you know what it is…

The Ultimate PRS Guitars Takeover!

That’s right, it’s been a while since we last thrown this party but we’re thrilled to announce that guitarguitar Glasgow is going to host a massive PRS weekend!

Aside from our marvellous store stock, we’ll pull in a plethora of stunning PRS models from all our locations onto the Glasgow store, to give you a selection of your dreams. Expect in-store only deals on any of the eye-catching hand-selected tops, Private Stock, rare Custom 24s side by side their more affordable SEs, S2s and CEs… We’re gonna have it all and you can try anything you wish.

PRS Experts Onsite

An extra treat: we will be joined by PRS UK/Europe rep and brand specialist, Jez Ayscough, who is going to bring exceptional models only available from guitarguitar at this event. So get ready to see the biggest selection of PRS guitars in the whole of Europe, all under one roof!

Needless to say, these will be of course available to purchase on the day.

Jez will bring some sweet PRS branded swag and he will be available throughout the whole weekend for expert advice, one-to-one demonstration and general PRS-related chat. 

And to make it all even better yet.... There will be a special Giveaway! Everyone who comes along to the PRS Takeover Weekend can put their entry in. 

In Store Competition

1. PRS Horsemeat Pedal for the winner (worth £279)

2. PRS Merch code (worth £120 - to be used on PRS Guitars Europe website) for the runner up

3. PRS Merch code (worth £80 - to be used on PRS Guitars Europe website) for 2nd runner up

The winners will be announced on Sunday the 1st October and have their photo taken with the prize and posted on our social channels.

On top of that, in true guitarguitar fashion, we will have a special Gift Card promo happening in-store for this event only!

Weekend Only Gift Card Promo

  • Get £50 Gift Card when you buy any new PRS SE
  • Get £100 Gift Card when you buy any new PRS CE
  • Get £200 Gift Card on *any PRS USA (*not including Silver Sky)

The Details

The PRS Takeover will be hosted at guitarguitar Glasgow during the store’s opening hours (10:00 am - 5:30 pm and 11:00 - 5:00 Sunday) throughout the weekend of the 29th September to the 1st October (Friday-Sunday).

PRS reps will be onsite every day of the weekend. No tickets required but make sure you come down early to get the most out of the event. 

Save the date, come along and find the PRS of your dreams! 

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