Learn Your First Beat with Alesis Drums at guitarguitar Epsom

Published on 27 November 2023

Do you often find yourself tapping your foot away to a song you’re listening to?

Or perhaps you find it hard to resist the temptation to hit every round object in a 4/4 pattern? Cymbals and toms are the first thing you hear in any song (is there even a singer there?)

If you said Yes to the above and you’ve always dreamed of trying out an electronic drumkit then you will be thrilled to hear we are going to host a drum clinic at guitarguitar Epsom!

About Alesis Drums and Jamie Fisher

In association with Alesis Drums, guitarguitar will host a special “Learn your first beat” clinic with a renowned drummer, Jamie Fisher.

Before joining Alesis Drums Jamie Fisher worked as a professional drummer and percussionist for 20 years. His experience included touring the world as Samantha Fox’s Drummer & Musical Director for 12 years, playing festivals, arena gigs and TV appearances. He has also appeared on albums with artists such as Sphere ³, Kiss & Tell Cabaret, Southern Tenant Folk Union and more. He has used electronic drums and percussion for much of this time, in both live and recording environments.

Alesis electronic drum kits offer some of the best value for money when it comes to electronic drums. The brand's way of creating affordable yet cutting edge equipment has made Alesis drum kits incredibly popular with beginners and professional musicians alike.

The Details

Learn Your First Beat with Alesis drum clinic will be held at guitarguitar Epsom on Saturday 9th December from 10:00 am til 4:00 pm. 

This event is an entry level one so if you’re a beginner or you’re only just thinking about picking up drums then this clinic is for YOU!

How to Book

Jamie will offer 30-minute lessons during which he will talk you through the drum kit parts, demonstrate the correct way of holding sticks and teach you your very first beat! 

This event is FREE and in high demand so we advise to book early to avoid disappointment. 

In order to book, please phone our Epsom store on 01372 730578 and our friendly staff will fit you into your preferred time slot. 

You do not need to bring anything - just your passion for drums!


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