Martin 15 Series 000-15MEUK (Ex-Demo) #2174637

Includes Gig Bag

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Overall Rating 5 (5 reviews)

Martin US series always rock. It's an expensive guitar but it deserves it. Especially mahagony wood has a unique sound and sustain. If you are looking for high volume that's not the guitar for you since it's slightly smaller size. The pickup could have features it's just basic but it's still Fishmann which sounds great too. Here's an example how it sounds, sorry for the playing mistake but it may give an idea. It's just recorded with my mobile phone.

Berker S. - 22/2/2018

Great mahogany acoustic/electric Martin 000-15M

P.H. - 21/7/2015

Stunning guitar - incredibly playable, fantastic tone and looks stunning.

J.G. - 16/2/2015

this is just the greatest guitar ever... Nothing I don't like about it.. Sounds perfect... Looks perfect

G.M. - 14/10/2014

Good service. Friendly staff. Not intimidating.

B.W. - 14/8/2013

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