Line 6 Pod HD500X

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Nice service and advice..

sebastian h. - 4/4/2018

I love this unit! The only thing that can be improved is how easy it is to navigate it, but once you get used to it, it's really easy! Doesn't take a lot to get my sounds set up and love the set list/user option. I just have all my sounds in set list order, so I change batches for the next song and it just makes things simpler and also reminds me of the set list order :D Amp sounds can be better, but I don't use it for that function. If you'd like amp sounds go for the Helix or HeadRush.

Neli . - 27/2/2018

Line 6 pod hd 500x multi effects processor

martin m. - 19/1/2018

Love it

M.W. - 21/7/2015

as it is a Christmas present for my grandson i dont really know what the line 6 pod thingy is i did send him a photo to make sure it e was the right one and got an excited YES THANK YOU from him so i gather i have done good

G.V. - 3/12/2014

Quality multi FX pedal - pretty much all a guitarist needs for recording and live performance..

S.M. - 14/10/2014

Takes a degree in Music Engineering to work it out.....but once you master it you won't leave it alone :)

A.M. - 14/1/2014

Does everything that I thought it would, and more!

C.B. - 5/11/2013

impressed with the line6 500x for the money paid

T.M. - 3/10/2013

Great pedal.

G.H. - 20/8/2013

Great piece of kit. Shame about the lack of power switch though.

S.M. - 13/8/2013

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