Line 6 Relay G70 Wireless Guitar System

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Overall Rating 4.8 (5 reviews)

Great product, super sturdy transmitter but the clip lets it down big time. Fell off the first time used it. Will definitely be getting a pouch.

Sam C. - 29/7/2019

It does exactly what it states. I have used this instrument on the first leg of a mini tour and it hasn?t cut out once, and I?m still using the stock batteries that came with it.

Hayden D. - 11/7/2019

Been thinking about going wireless for a while, and I hit gold first go with this Line 6 G70. This unit requires no set up if using just one transmitter and the #1 output. Tx and Rx find each other within a second. So it works right out of the box. Lots of routing options too. Love the way Rx displayed battery life left in Tx (which starts a 8hr30mins with a pair of new batteries). Noticed just the very slightest hint of latency when sitting at the other end of rehearsal room 8 metres away. Just a smidgen and not enough for me to worry about. I play VERY clean tones, and this thing sparkles. In fact I might even say the sound was cleaner without my usual 12' cable (is this even possible?). The advantages FAR outweigh this 0.5% gripe about 1.5ms of latency (book value). And GuitarGuitar are selling this system for less than half price. Very very happy.

Antony H. - 27/6/2019

Ideal piece of kit for me.

Lee R. - 26/6/2019

Quality construction, easy to use, definitely recommend perfect for gigs and practice cable free hassle

Daniel E. - 16/6/2019

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