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Seymour Duncan SHPR-2B P Rails Hot Bridge White

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Guitar players want it all and they want it now. Fat humbucker tones. Beefy P-90 tones. Traditional single coil tones. With P-Rails® they can have it all. And now, with the new P-Rails Hot, they can get a punchier, more aggressive tone for the bridge position.


This Seymour Duncan-exclusive design is a direct humbucker retrofit that allows up to three distinct voices: full-size humbucker, P-90, and Rails. Recommended for all styles of music.

Compared to Original P-Rails, the Hot bridge features a beefed up coil and a more powerful Alnico 8 magnet to deliver the same tonal flexibility as its predecessor, but specifically designed to provide a punchier, more aggressive tone in the bridge position. The P-90 coil in the P-Rails Hot is wound with a special wire type, selected for output and clarity. This P-90 is loud! The Rail mode is hotter thanks to the power of the Alnico 8, 
and the series Humbucker mode is huge!

Complete setup
A P-Rails Hot in the bridge and a P-Rails Original in the neck. 
To get both humbucker and P-90 tones, use a two-way switch (push-pull or
mini-toggle). Use a three way switch (DPDT on-off-on) to bring in the single 
coil Rail tones.

P-Rails Hot can be used in any guitar set up for a traditional humbucker 
or Trembucker. It can be used singly, however to maximize P-Rails' unique 
splitting capabilities and get the most tonal versatility, use a neck and bridge 
set. The R-Rails Hot is recommended for bridge position.

Available Mods
Normally, in humbucking mode, P-Rails are wired in series for a 
high-output sound that works great for classic rock and heavier tones. However, 
when wired in parallel, the coil mismatch produces very usable moderate output 
humbucker tones with less of the phase cancellation often associated with 
standard parallel-wired humbuckers. Available in black, white or cream.