Qwik Tune Snark ST-2 Chromatic Tuner

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Overall Rating 4.8/5 (102 reviews)

Kyle M. - 8/10/2021

Gillian H. - 26/9/2021

David W. - 16/9/2021

Great little gadget easy to use

Lisa F. - 6/9/2021

Shirin Y. - 24/8/2021

Shirin Y. - 24/8/2021

I am very pleased with the guitar.

Leonard S. - 18/8/2021

Money well spent. I'm very happy.

Marek O. - 18/8/2021

Cecile H. - 5/8/2021

Hard to use at first (what with me being a beginner) but made sense when shown how, which is the way with things.

Ono U. - 1/8/2021

great tuner, much better than the last one I had.

Chris l. - 30/7/2021

Simple to use and good price

Martin G. - 18/7/2021

Seems to work ? Easy to use, quick and simple.

Ross L. - 13/7/2021

vasileios s. - 25/6/2021

I found the tuner was very easy to use also the colour display was easier to read

Christopher B. - 25/6/2021

Allan M. - 23/6/2021

nick t. - 20/6/2021

Ben P. - 13/6/2021

I never tried before I am really surprised and satisfied

Carlos M. - 12/6/2021


JOHN B. - 11/6/2021

Made tuning great easy to use

Mark A. - 7/6/2021

Ronan M. - 3/6/2021

Does what it says on the box

George D. - 5/5/2021

Mark J. - 26/4/2021

Very easy to use, as a complete beginner, was necessary.

Irene S. - 22/3/2021

jonathan c. - 5/2/2021

Iain W. - 3/2/2021

Tunes well and would recommend excellent bit of kit.

Paul A. - 2/2/2021

George M. - 2/2/2021

tarik d. - 29/1/2021

I?ve never been keen on guitar tuners but This tuner is really easy to use. I love it.

Nathan M. - 22/1/2021

Easy to use and accurate product. A must for beginners.

Bill M. - 4/1/2021

Paul J. - 18/12/2020

Great product works well thanks

David N. - 14/12/2020

Great product. Super quick to tune now.

Craig R. - 7/12/2020

Julian H. - 2/12/2020

John . - 30/11/2020

Warren H. - 20/11/2020

Juliet D. - 11/11/2020

Teo H. - 21/10/2020

Easy to use easy to see a recommended item

Michael L. - 12/10/2020

As a beginner I could not manage without this device.

Sally K. - 11/10/2020

Excellent and works really well.

Kevin G. - 11/10/2020

keith t. - 25/9/2020

The tuner attaches to the guitar and picks up sound from the strings through the neck as vibrations. This blocks out the ambient sound picked up by a digital tuner which receives the sound of strings through a built-in microphone, enabling a much faster and more accurate tune-up. The device also allows you to adjust pitch settings and includes a visual metronome. Perfect!

Donald . - 16/9/2020

Works well, easy for a beginner to use

James C. - 21/8/2020

I finally bought a clip on tuner. Great aid to tuning my acoustic guitars, whether 6 or 12 string, in standard or open tunings. What I really like is that the tuner still requires you to use your ears for fine tuning.

Roger P. - 19/8/2020

Shane K. - 12/8/2020

Alex F. - 27/7/2020

Really easy to use and accurate.

Martin F. - 6/7/2020

More accurate than other tuners I have used, and I was looking for a clip-on vibration tuner, and this seems like a good pick. I'm a bit wary that the product says not to use on Gibson guitars due to the type of coating used being damaged by the clip, which is probably something worth mentioning in the product description (unless it already is and I missed it), but I just won't be leaving the tuner clipped on all the time so I imagine it will be fine.

Robert S. - 6/7/2020

Easy to use lovebit very much

George N. - 23/5/2020

Does what it says in the tin... In a nice kinda way

Carol J. - 22/5/2020

Swift and tightly accurate tuner.

Paul T. - 13/5/2020

Easy to use even fur a beginner

Mark S. - 3/5/2020

Ian W. - 25/4/2020

Light and ease of use across a number of instruments

Alex W. - 17/3/2020

Easy to use with a clear display system that enables precise tuning. Haven't tried all the extra features but for basic tuning it's great.

Michael W. - 11/3/2020

Quick and accurate but looks like it might be a bit fragile but that?s just my thought.

Jason P. - 1/3/2020

Great tuner, does as expected with the option of vibration or mic

Lee D. - 1/3/2020

If you are lazy like me and want a tuner, this is the one. don't bother with others. This little thing is FANTASTIC.

Michael J. - 20/2/2020

Easy to use , looks cool .

James J. - 4/12/2019

Brian L. - 4/12/2019

My first time to use one of these, I'm impressed.

Benjamin D. - 3/12/2019

Great tuner - very precise :)

Philip . - 18/11/2019

David R. - 19/7/2019

Great little tuner.....very quick

Stephen M. - 15/7/2019

Very responsive with clear visual screen, functions are fantastic overall a good peace of kit for the price

Martin M. - 28/6/2019

excellent service as always

Philip K. - 20/5/2019


Olivia W. - 13/12/2018

Easy to use, clear readout.

Stephen F. - 29/11/2018

Accurate and easy to use.

Elaine S. - 29/10/2018

Very easy to use and responsive

Eric M. - 23/10/2018

Does what it says, simple to use

Andrew B. - 1/10/2018

MIke T. - 17/9/2018

Spot on easy for a child to use.

Khash S. - 9/9/2018

Heather S. - 26/8/2018

Tunes the guitar very well. Easy to use.

John M. - 15/8/2018

Good but dearer than I originally wanted to pay.

Stephen R. - 8/8/2018

Quite simply does what it says on the tin.

Martin P. - 31/5/2018

Makes tuning much easier, very useful

Karen R. - 22/5/2018

Looks good and tunes - what more do you want

Richard M. - 20/5/2018

Responsive & ease of use.

Scott M. - 19/5/2018

Callum R. - 4/5/2018

Elliott R. - 3/5/2018

Krzysztof W. - 3/5/2018

Good tuner. Happy with it.

Vinny B. - 14/4/2018

Jo R. - 13/4/2018

Sandy S. - 7/4/2018

Very accurate, cute looking kit

Anis R. - 1/4/2018

Best attachable tuner I?ve had so far. A bit bulky for storing away in guitar case so one star off for that.

Eric T. - 16/3/2018

I found it very easy to use and appears to be accurate

Alan W. - 12/3/2018

Matthew M. - 11/3/2018

Easy to use and quality seems good

Tim C. - 26/2/2018

Great product Happy with my purchase

David W. - 17/2/2018

Steven F. - 15/2/2018

Very fast and accurate tuning

Slawomir W. - 15/2/2018

Excellent piece of kit, which was explained how to use at Epsom

John T. - 15/2/2018

seems a solid product and does the job

Riccardo C. - 15/2/2018

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Antony H. - 19/12/2017

fast delivery,excellent service ...would recommend

SAMANTHa m. - 15/8/2017

its obvious and the tuner is very good

Peter H. - 18/4/2017

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