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Suhr A.C.E. Analog Cabinet Emulator

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Manufacturer's ID: 07-ACE-0001

What we say:

Not content with merely making some of the most wonderful guitars in the world, Suhr have gone on to develop one of the best sounding and best respected pedal lines available today! From boosts and overdrives to modulations and more, Suhr pedals represent the apex of the art.

The A.C.E. stands for Analogue Cabinet Emulator and is an extremely useful piece of gear! This has been designed for any guitarist working digitally or via a DI: the A.C.E. replaces all of the lost space and harmonic content that a great speaker cabinet would normally provide. Using 100% analogue circuitry, the A.C.E. brings back all of the warmth, punch and character than DI'ing can suck from your tone. Suhr's MSF (Multi-Stage Filtering) technology refers to the caefully tuned EQ stage with its Subs, Highs and Prescence controls designed to keep the realism and integrity of yout tone: there is no tiring synthesis here and no DSP whatsoever!

This unit has amp & line level inputs, balanced & unbalanced outputs and it runs at 18v to allow for plenty of dynamic headroom.

Restore the important subtleties of your sound with the Suhr A.C.E.


Moving Analog Forward

100% pure analog signal path from start to finish, the A.C.E. employs an advanced Multi-StageFiltering (MSF) network to generate stunningly realistic speaker cabinet simulations that capture/bring to life all the warmth, punch and character of a mic’d speaker cabinet to any performance without the assistance of DSP (digital signal processing).

Musically Versatile

A.C.E.’s on-board filtering controls is not your run of the mill EQ. Each control (Subs, Highs andPresence) was carefully voiced to offer a musical range of tone shaping (versatility) without becoming unrealistic, synthetic or fatiguing when crafting/fine tuning your desired/ideal cabinet response.

Ready For Anything

Fully equipped with a comprehensive set of interface features, A.C.E. makes it easy to connect with a variety of recording and sound reinforcement equipment for any situation.

A.C.E. features dedicated Amplifier and Line Level inputs, a 1/4” (unbalanced) and XLR (balanced) DI/Line Output section complete with Phase and Ground Lift functions for the XLR output, a 1/4” Thru output and last but not least, optimized 18 Vdc circuitry for maximum headroom and dynamic range.

Whether you are in the studio or on the road, the A.C.E. is sure to become an invaluable tool to delivering a flexible variety of emulated cabinet simulations consistently, every time.


• Active Analog Cabinet Emulator • Multi-Stage Filtering (MSF) Cabinet Emulation (bypassable) • Unbalanced 1/4″ & Balanced XLR Line Out Section • Phase and Ground Lift For XLR Output • Optimized 18-Volt Circuitry For Maximum Headroom and Dynamic Range • Compact Half Rack Enclosure

* A.C.E. is not a load device. Make sure your amplifier is connected to a suitable load (Suhr Reactive Load) or speaker cabinet when using A.C.E. to avoid damage.

POWER CONNECTOR: 9Vdc, center negative, 2.1mm x 5.5mm
OPERATING VOLTAGE: 9Vdc, regulated
ESTIMATED BATTERY LIFE: 4.5 hours continuous use
DIMENSIONS: 4.875”(W) x 3.875”(D) x 1.375”(H)
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