JHS Pedals Panther Cub V2

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JHS Pedals Panther Cub V2


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Manufacturer's ID: 650415211982

What we say:

At A Glance:

The Panther Cub V2 by JHS is a fully analog pedal that uses four 3205 Bucket Brigade delay chips to produce a wide range of stunning delay and modulation tones.

Features We Love:

Who Is It For

Basically anyone looking for a pedal that's capable of producing authentic analog delay and modulation tones is going to love the Panther Cub! From slap back echo and fast tempo synched repeats to washy delays and dreamy chorus effects, the Panther Cub always sounds cool!

Bucket Brigade

The Bucket Brigade delay chip dates back to the late '60s, considering tape delays were the norm back then a delay chip was cutting edge technology! The name originates from the chip's process resembling a team of firefighters passing water down a chain of buckets. The Bucket Brigade chip consists of a line of tiny capacitors that each store a sample of audio, each passing the sample onto the next as new audio enters the circuit. The circuit produces a lower resolution sample than modern digital delays, but that is key to its charm!

Tap Tempo

Tempo synced delays bring a whole new dimension to your arsenal of guitar tones. Guitarists like The Edge and Nuno Bettencourt both use tempo synced delay as a key part of their sound and they both use it in completely different ways. The addition of the tap tempo button allows for easy implementation of synced delay in any situation, simply tap your foot in the tempo you want or along with the song you're playing and it will automatically adjust the repeats to be at the tempo you want.


  • Authentic fully analog tone!
  • Tap tempo is a truely valuable feature
  • True bypass leaves your tone completely untouched until the pedal is activated

What's Included:

  • JHS Panther Cub V2



The Panther Cub V2 is voiced to deliver the dark and chewy repeats that analog delay fans clamor for. The Panther Cub offers you 1,000ms (one full second) of delay time! Bring in beautiful, ambient modulation with the pedal's modulation controls.

  • 1,000ms of Delay (1 full second)
  • Four 3205 Bucket Brigade Delay chips
  • Onboard Modulation that stays accurate even when using Tap Tempo


Thanks to its groundbreaking feature set, the Panther Cub Delay has been one of our most intriguing pedals to date. It's not often you find an all-analog delay with onboard tap tempo and a 4-section RATIO control with settings for quarter, dotted-eighth, eighth, and triplet divisions.

  • Soft-touch Tap Tempo switch
  • 4-position RATIO control (1/4, 1/8, dotted 1/8, Triplets)
  • True Speed LED (indicates rate of actual delay)


The Panther Cub's control and tweakability extend further than what you'll find onboard. An expression pedal input can be assigned to change many of the pedal's settings on the fly. And you even have the opportunity to externally control your tap tempo and tap slave the Panther Cub to your other time-based pedals.

  • Dry Out (via TRS splitter) for stereo field of sound
  • Assignable Expression (control Time, Ratio, Modulation)
  • Tap Input/Output allows external tap controller or tap slaving


  • Even smaller Pedalboard-friendly size
  • Space-saving top-mounted Input/Output jacks
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Standard 9V DC negative power