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TOURTECH TTA-T02 Clip On Chromatic Tuner for Guitar and Bass


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Manufacturer's ID: TTA-T02

Fast, Easy, and Accurate Tuning


  • Adjustable Viewing Angle - Rotates 360 Degrees
  • Flexible Mounting Options
  • Bright Backlit Display - Easy to Read
  • Works With Most Stringed Instruments - Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele and Chromatic Tuning Modes
  • Wide Tuning Range - A0-C8 Range with ± 1 Cent Precision, 440Hz Pitch
  • Auto Power Off
  • CR2032 Battery included

Customer reviews

Overall Rating 4.7 (153 reviews)

Nice easy to use tuner. Accurate tuning.

Darryl S. - 12/8/2021

Magdalena M. - 9/8/2021

This is great and easy to use. Would have preferred to be told to use chromatic when initially tuning the guitar.

Michelle G. - 7/8/2021

Great little tuner, works for guitar & bass, nice and easy to use and see

Daniel B. - 4/8/2021

Aled m. - 30/7/2021

Jim M. - 27/7/2021

Rob T. - 27/7/2021

Ruth Q. - 13/7/2021

Stuart C. - 13/7/2021

Samuel . - 18/6/2021

Easy to use and lots of features

Kate P. - 18/6/2021

Does the job it is supposed to do

mick l. - 16/6/2021

Dead easy to use and accurate.

Richard F. - 8/6/2021

Does what it says on the box.

Ian S. - 7/6/2021

Mark H. - 24/5/2021

Simple but works just as well as any other tuner

William P. - 24/5/2021

HILARY C. - 18/5/2021

Dylan F. - 16/5/2021

Richard L. - 11/5/2021

The tuner works very well even in noisy environments. Now surprisingly easy to tune my guitar!

Andrew H. - 10/5/2021

Much bettter than expected - bought as an extra - has very clear screen, seems accurate - great value

Neil M. - 10/5/2021

Does a perfect job at tuning your solid body electric guitar without it plugged in. One thing I found though, is the unit works best on 6 in line headstocks if you clip it half way along, so it's an even distance from all the tuning posts. I clipped it right on the end of my Telecaster headstock, and the unit got confused between me tuning my bottom E and A strings

Steve W. - 9/5/2021

Part of a package deAl.....all good quality

Stephen B. - 9/5/2021

Does the job as specified

Gerard P. - 7/5/2021

great little tuner but first one I received the clip broke at the pivot, but Stuart at guitar guitar replaced it with no hassle, first class service A+++

Stephen Y. - 27/4/2021

Mike S. - 23/4/2021

Karendip P. - 22/4/2021

Very easy to understand, great way to,understand on how to tune. Though it can be little be inaccurate sometimes.

Scott J. - 18/4/2021

Guitar tuner does what it says it shows if your strings are in tune.

mick l. - 30/3/2021

Craig H. - 22/3/2021

Reda A. - 17/3/2021

Very easy to use, simple instructions, was tuned in seconds

David M. - 23/2/2021

Great little tuner , easy to use

kenneth h. - 18/2/2021

Nicholas V. - 18/2/2021

Awesome bit of kit. Bargain

Nicholas S. - 18/2/2021

Simple to use and pretty fool proof. It shows if you are flat or sharp and turns green when exactly in tune..

Dave U. - 13/2/2021

Juan M. - 11/2/2021

The last time I tried guitar these weren't available, what a difference they make with accuracy and speed of tuning. Well worth the money.

Robert S. - 11/2/2021

Adam B. - 11/2/2021

Not 100 per cent accurate, when check against piano!

David V. - 10/2/2021

Katie D. - 10/2/2021

Su V. - 9/2/2021

Anthony K. - 8/2/2021

Does what it should with clear indication of when I need to tune up or down with nice green indication when I'm spot on

CHRIS E. - 8/2/2021

Mark F. - 7/2/2021

omar a. - 7/2/2021

Juan F. - 7/2/2021

KONSTANTINOS A. - 6/2/2021

Mark L. - 4/2/2021

Really useful electronic device for tuning your uke. Easy to use.

Elizabeth D. - 4/2/2021

Mark M. - 3/2/2021

Peter N. - 2/2/2021

Ian S. - 31/1/2021

Catherine J. - 31/1/2021

Allan J. - 31/1/2021

John T. - 31/1/2021

Tim W. - 29/1/2021

Dave O. - 29/1/2021

patryk s. - 27/1/2021

Iulian D. - 27/1/2021

Works fine if a bit fiddly. I have found it easier to use a phone App. Both give exactly the same results.

Robert O. - 25/1/2021

Jonathan S. - 24/1/2021

Aaron M. - 29/12/2020

Barak M. - 16/12/2020

Simone P. - 16/12/2020

Yashpal N. - 15/12/2020

Eric L. - 11/12/2020

James W. - 22/11/2020

Nicky P. - 11/11/2020

Iain K. - 11/11/2020

Jamie N. - 10/11/2020

Easy to use and accurate tuning.

Tom M. - 8/11/2020

Ahmad A. - 4/11/2020

nothing to say, I'm happy with it

George C. - 18/10/2020

KEN P. - 28/9/2020

Wanqing X. - 28/9/2020

Natali D. - 15/9/2020

This is a great tuner. It works quickly and is very effective not to mention user friendly. Having previously used an app I find this to be an excellent replacement for an excellent price

Thomas D. - 5/9/2020

Works as its should. Good value.

Aleksandra A. - 28/8/2020

Amazingly easy product to use at a great price.

Robert P. - 27/8/2020

I thought the sounds of my microfreak were wonderful on my maudio speakers the sounds of my drum brute and cort guitar are fantastic

Gary M. - 25/8/2020

Item as described. Very fast shipping. I recommend

AGNIESZKA S. - 21/8/2020

Does the job. A bit fiddly to set up but ok.

Brian D. - 4/8/2020

First time I have bought a musical instrument, hence nothing to compare it with.

Linda E. - 4/8/2020

Steven M. - 30/7/2020

Christopher P. - 25/7/2020

Easy to read and to use simple and cheap

Stephen A. - 20/7/2020

Arron S. - 20/7/2020

Megan M. - 6/7/2020

Does what i wanted' nice size.

charles o. - 17/6/2020

Matthew W. - 17/6/2020

Jake N. - 17/6/2020

Works excellent every time to help provide the right tuned sound for my guitar, never fails to work an tie easy to Clip on

Jacqueline . - 14/6/2020

Fraser L. - 6/6/2020

Mike W. - 6/6/2020

Does the job. Easy to use.

Ron F. - 5/6/2020

Nigel F. - 4/6/2020

Will C. - 3/6/2020

Easily set up and even easier to use

David B. - 3/6/2020

SARAH B. - 3/6/2020

well made item that actually works,easy to use

david a. - 3/6/2020

It's a bit shoddy and it's made cheaply, but it was cheap, so there you go. It does what it says on the box, but sometimes it struggles to pick up the notes on guitars with thin gauges.

Pavel P. - 3/6/2020

Gary M. - 1/6/2020

Oliver C. - 30/5/2020

Mike D. - 29/5/2020

Not the best but ay the price I wasn't expecting it to be, only purchased as I had mislaid my better one.

Andrew . - 29/5/2020

Quick and easy to use. Cheap as well.

Pete B. - 29/5/2020

Great tuner at a great price

Dayna B. - 28/5/2020

Neat and sleak. The tuner works perfectly well.

Miss B. - 27/5/2020

Kaylie Y. - 27/5/2020

alexander B. - 26/5/2020

Small cheap and works perfectly, what more can you say or want nice one ?

Philip H. - 25/5/2020

Super cheap and pretty accurate. Feels solid enough for the price and clips to the guitar with confidence, without risking any damage.

Martin H. - 25/5/2020

Perfect. Does the job well.

Robert H. - 22/5/2020

Marian N. - 22/5/2020

This is a great product but feel if I?d spent the £5 on the better model it would be better. I find the chromatic tuner the best setting but can be difficult to get it pitch perfect

Brian M. - 21/5/2020

Harry P. - 21/5/2020

Really good value for money

Fred P. - 18/5/2020

Evie M. - 15/5/2020

Gordon E. - 13/5/2020

Christopher . - 1/5/2020

Derek P. - 30/4/2020

Works fine for in the house. Nice and compact and good value

Albert . - 29/4/2020

Fraser K. - 29/4/2020

Easy to use tuner with a tiny price tag. Not completely sure about it`s accuracy though.

Tibor G. - 28/4/2020

Liz H. - 28/4/2020

Very easy to use, nice and small

Michael I. - 27/4/2020

Works perfectly, great fun.

Connor Q. - 24/4/2020

Neil L. - 14/4/2020

Vinny H. - 11/4/2020

Keifer S. - 6/4/2020

Very easy to attach and use

Vaughan F. - 6/4/2020

Ciara L. - 25/3/2020

Just right.

Hilary L. - 24/3/2020

Derek B. - 25/2/2020


pamela g. - 2/2/2020

It's a tuner it tunes that's what I need it for

Anthony R. - 12/1/2020

Super easy to use, even for a complete beginner.

Marc R. - 31/12/2019

Great wee tuner. Great value for money and works really well.

Gillian M. - 6/12/2019

Excellent product next day delivery

winston b. - 4/12/2019

Matthew B. - 4/12/2019

Ross B. - 17/11/2019

Catherine L. - 24/9/2019

Easy to use, excellent quality

Robert T. - 10/9/2019

Margret N. - 22/8/2019

Great tuner, so quick and easy to use.

Sarah T. - 28/7/2019

Works well and I have used this on several guitars since purchase

Stephan S. - 20/6/2019

does exactly what it supposed to do and easily

Andrew A. - 8/6/2019

A nice "do it myself" kit as opposed to the pre-made ones consisting of things I don't need. Good value and good products.

Bradley E. - 10/3/2019

Joe M. - 28/12/2018

For a ridiculously low price this tuner is accurate, easy to apply, and easy to see. It takes one of the most commonly used coin cell batteries around, so they are freely available just about anywhere, but they last for ages anyway.

William D. - 14/12/2018

fantastic wee tuner , makes tuning easy

James C. - 21/11/2018

Tunes very quickly and good for its price.

John W. - 7/11/2018

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