EastCoast GS100H Arctic White MN HSS

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As advertised. A good looking, easy playing cheap guitar.

Ross D. - 6/9/2020

At the price it is 5 star value. A new guitar at less than Cash Converters money! It has a great quality finish and looks the part in the off white, cream, slightly pale yellow colour and nice maple neck and fretboard. Some reviews mention poor machine heads, but l found that the strings were not attached properly by locking them onto the string under itself, which lead to slipping. Once the strings were re-fitted on the pegs it holds tuning fine. The neck is slightly thicker than an affinity Tele l have and is more 'Gibson' in profile, but not too chunky to be a handful to play. One thing l didn't realise is it only has two control knobs and the pickguard is not the same shape as fender guitars especially above the neck join. Making fitting another pickguard from the many different colours available cheaply on ebay a no go. Once l gave the strings a wipe over with fast fret they felt better, but l will be fitting new strings and l will lower the action slightly, although it is fine as delivered The tremolo arm works fine, but l have my other stats set up 'floating' ie strings can be bent higher in pitch as well as lower, so will try this also. All on all great, well made and very good looking guitar that just needs a little tweaking to vastly improve ability. Twice the money gets you a Squire affinity Strat, Which offers an upgrade path that the Eastcoast doesn't, but who really upgrades an affinity when the cost gets you into a used Mexican strat money.

gary b. - 17/8/2020

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