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Landlord FX A Cheeky Pint Optical Compressor Pedal

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Manufacturer's ID: LLFX-ACP

What we say:

The LandLord FX Cheeky Pint is a straightforward yet powerful compressor. Landlord have made a point of mentioning the ‘optical’ nature of the circuit and, to be fair, this is a very impressive feature at such a low price.

Compressors essentially take the level of the incoming signal (your guitar) and apply an amount of gain reduction to it depending on how you set the Compression knob.

Compressors are great for ‘smoothing’ out your sound, particularly clean sounds, and is something of a must have for Country players.

The Cheeky Pint’s optical compression works with a Light Dependant Resistor, retaining the type of natural ‘lag’ that you’d find on classic studio compressors from the 60s. This is considered highly desirable by producers and musicians alike.

The micro switch allows you two variations on the Compressor's strength: 'Half Pint' is moderate, whilst 'Full Pint' is more intense, bringing an edge to your sound.

We are seriously impressed with the sound quality of this pedal. Used sparingly, it really adds a good slice of ‘production’ to your guitar tone. Not only that: at this price, it is an absolute steal.


  • Input: 1/4" Monaural Jack (Impedance: 470K Ohms)
  • Output: 1/4" Monaural Jack (Impedance: 1K Ohms)
  • Power Supply: DC 9V (Plug polarity is positive on the barrel and negative in the centre )
  • Working Current: 12mA
  • Dimensions: 95(D)*45(W)*48(H)mm
  • Weight: 273g (With box)

Customer reviews

Overall Rating 4.8 (4 reviews)

Good pedal for the price. Versatile settings, I've mainly been using it as an always on to thicken my sound but looking forward to experiment with some other sounds too! Came well presented in a nice box and the pedal feels nice and sturdy.

Joe B. - 26/2/2020

William Y. - 22/8/2019

Daniel M. - 16/5/2019

Great sounding compressor , well thought out and practicsl feature set, all for a trifling sum of cash.!!

Andrew L. - 13/3/2019

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