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AC Noises Ama Reverb w/ Oscillator and Bit Crusher

Guitarguitar is delighted to bring to the UK the outstanding new boutique pedal line, AC Noises.

Founded, designed and built by Italian couple Andrea and Claudia, these handbuilt fx units marry striking and beautifully conceived aesthetics with innovative, rich, killer tones.

Already proving a hit with Scottish indie legends Mogwai, the AC Noises lineup impressed us as soon as we heard the pedals, and we were keen to get them in-store as quickly as we could. With their passion for Scottish post-rock, shoegaze and indie culture, Andrea and Claudia knew that we were the perfect partner to help them show their creations to the world.

Whether you want to add a flat, full clean boost, raucous fuzz or glitchy, spacey, ethereal reverb to your board, you’ll not find better sound or looks than from an AC Noises pedal. 


  • Best electronic parts.
  • Top-mounted jacks.
  • Digital printed graphics.
  • Hand-built and designed in Italy.
  • True bypass switching.
  • Standard 9V DC negative power.

Set your heart racing with the stunningly innovative Ama, from AC Noises.

This curious, stylish pedal gives you not only ethereal, open and crisp reverb but also an oscillator to widen the tonal palette even further.

Lose yourself in swirling, sumptuous self-oscillating reverb or use it to add some pad-like warmth and depth to your soundscapes.

The biggest surprise is the tactile and responsive Bit Crusher, post-reverb. Depending on your mix, pick attack and pickup output, you can set this to crunch, crush, distort and mangle your original sound or for a softer, milder edge on those long, clean picked sequences.

The Ama is truly unique, a joy to use and sure to have you in raptures upon first listen.  

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