PRS Santana

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About PRS Santana

The PRS Santana is the result of decades of collaboration between PRS Guitars and legendary guitar pioneer Carlos Santana. Carlos Santana broke new ground with his fusion of Rock and Latin American Jazz, as such he needed a guitar that could perfectly deliver such an iconic sound. Working with PRS since 1982, the PRS Santana has been an incredibly popular guitar in the PRS library due to it's great design, distinctive tone and elegant aesthetics.

Why Should I Choose a PRS Santana Guitar?

  • Incredible PRS build quality
  • Stunning design
  • Comfort and ergonomics
  • Beautiful tone

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS Santana

Question: Are PRS Santana guitars any good?
Yes. PRS Santana guitars are exceptionally well made, and provide excellent tones for Jazz, Rock, Blues and of course, Latin American style Fusion!
Question: Where are PRS Santana guitars made?
PRS Santana guitars in the Core range are made in Stevensville, Maryland USA. The SE range made by PRS partners overseas, either in Korea or Indonesia.
Question: Does Santana use a PRS?
Yes. Santana has been using PRS Guitars since 1982, being one of their biggest artists and advocates.