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About PRS Tremonti

The PRS Tremonti is the superb artist signature mode of Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti. A longtime user of PRS guitars, Tremonti has a famously good hard rock guitar tone. A big part of it is of course his beloved PRS guitar, which is based closely on the company's Singlecut design. Tremonti has added his own ideas to the mix. This includes hotter, more aggressive sounding pickups, routing behind the Gen III tremolo to allow for up bending of notes, 4 control knobs (volume and tone for each pickup) and a neck carve that was designed for him before becoming a standard PRS option - Pattern Thin.

The PRS Tremonti model is extremely popular. It is available in a series of beautiful finishes including options for upgrading to Artist Pack enhancements. This is not just for Mark's legion of fans. This guitar is a hard rock masterpiece and will appeal to any player who loves great guitars and plays with a bit of distortion. That means all of us!

We keep a range of USA Tremonti guitars and the SE Tremonti is in stock throughout our stores.Come along to try one out for yourself in-store or simply browse online!

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS Tremonti

Question: How long has Mark Tremonti been with PRS?
Mark has been an exclusive user of PRS guitars for over 20 years, having first used them on tour to support Creed's debut album 'My Own Prison' in 1997.
Question: What is included in an Artist Pack upgrade?
Certain PRS Maryland-made guitars are eligible for an Artist Pack upgrade. The Artist Pack upgrade is mainly lots of cosmetic and visual upgrades to enhance the beauty of the particular PRS you've chosen. Pickup options can be a feature on certain PRS guitars. The main features of the Art Pack are as follows: Artist grade timber upgrades, including an Artist Grade top, (a 10 top option is available at any extra cost), Hybrid Hardware (two tone metallic colours of brass and nickel), Ebony fingerboard with green abalone outlines for the Bird inlays, Ebony headstock veneer with green abalone PRS logo, Upgraded luxury hard case. Not all PRS guitars qualify for Artist Pack upgrades: please talk to our staff for more specific details.
Question: What is different about Mark Tremonti's pickups?
Mark Tremonti requires a high gain saturated tone with lots of definition. PRS use custom magnets to make his bridge position humbucker. It has a large low end boost and a DC resistance of 15.42k: really hot, in other words! The neck model is made with Alnico 4 magnets and has a nice trebly sparkle to it, making it a great complement to the bridge unit.
Question: What fingerboard radius does the Mark Tremonti PRS have?
The PRS Mark Tremonti has a 10" fingerboard radius.