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About PRS Tremonti

The PRS Tremonti is the sensational signature guitar of Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti. PRS and Tremonti have collaborated for over 20 Years, and the result is high-quality PRS guitars that have the exceptional quality, materials and build of a PRS, but with a high-gain heavy metal twist.

With the more aggressive, and powerful Tremonti pickups, PRS Tremonti guitars are ideal for the player that's looking for a PRS guitar with an edge. Capable of going from crystalline cleans to fierce, overdrive tones at the drop of a hat, the PRS Tremonti is ideal for the Metal/Heavy Rock player that's looking for their "forever guitar". Our PRS Tremonti guitars come included with a padded gig bag.


Why Should I Choose a PRS Tremonti Guitar?

  • Great Metal/Rock sound
  • Incredible aesthetics
  • Extremely ergonomic
  • Superior build quality

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS Tremonti

Question: How long has Mark Tremonti been with PRS?
Mark has been an exclusive user of PRS guitars for over 20 years, having first used them on tour to support Creed's debut album 'My Own Prison' in 1997.
Question: How did PRS Tremonti guitars get their name?
PRS Tremonti guitars are named after Alter Bridge/Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti due to them being his signature models.
Question: What is different about Mark Tremonti's pickups?
Mark Tremonti requires a high gain saturated tone with lots of definition. PRS use custom magnets to make his bridge position humbucker. It has a large low end boost and a DC resistance of 15.42k: really hot, in other words! The neck model is made with Alnico 4 magnets and has a nice trebly sparkle to it, making it a great complement to the bridge unit.
Question: What fingerboard radius does the Mark Tremonti PRS have?
The PRS Mark Tremonti has a 10" fingerboard radius.
Question: What pickups does a PRS Tremonti guitar use?
PRS Tremonti guitars use signature PRS Tremonti pickups for their distinctive and unique sound.